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29 October The No Bullshit Guide to Influencer Marketing (How to Video)

Working with influencers in your industry is the single best marketing tactic with the highest ROI. Even if you think you understand influencer marketing, you probably haven’t seen it from your customers’ perspective. I play the role of customer in this video and walk you through step by step how they learn to buy your product […]

28 October How to Create a Brand Advocate Community that Drives Revenue

  People’s purchase decisions are more informed than ever before.  Buyers not around waiting for a company to give them the data they need.  They’re conducting extensive, personalized research before speaking to any sales professional. Brand advocates can influence those decisions, cultivating brand loyalty, and generating an abundance of qualified leads through social engagement. Like […]

19 October How to Create a Viral Influence Marketing Campaign: The Blab Overview

Dollar-for-dollar, the ROI on a viral influence marketing campaign can be far greater than on any other marketing campaign.  Many brands struggle with execution, however; in large part because the field is rapidly evolving and experienced influence marketers are few and far between. Recently, Fanatics Media CEO Mark Fidelman took to the live streaming platform […]

13 October The Psychology of Successful Influencer Marketing

There are conscious and subconscious motivating factors behind every decision. Every purchase made by consumers, be it hamburgers or the latest iPhone, is heavily influenced by the psychology of the related marketing materials. And when established influencers are thrown into the mix, things get taken to a whole new level. Influencer marketing has become a […]

09 October The One-Page Guide to Contest Marketing

Your most critical marketing goal is likely this: Get more eyeballs. Brand awareness is the first step to long-lasting success. For most businesses, engaging a consumer base online is a rather large hurdle to overcome. Whatever you’re industry, you’ve got competition. Sometimes, a lot of competition. Establishing an interactive audience happens through content that not […]

28 September 3 Influence Marketing Campaigns in Beauty That Went Viral

Beauty is only skin deep, but the right marketing campaign can get right to a person’s core.. Whether your approach is spunky, straightforward, or plain old fun, get an influencer on board and you’re far more likely to see your campaign go viral. Here’s an example of each just to show you what we mean. […]

28 September The Proven Science of Creating a Viral Infographic

Human beings are hardwired to be visual learners. As a species, we absorb visual data faster than any other form of transmitted information. This is precisely why visual content is currently experiencing such a massive surge in online popularity and why people love infographics so darn much. When the term “infographics” is searched through Google, […]

17 September How to Make an Influencer Marketing Campaign that Rocks: 3 Secrets to Success

  Influencer marketing is a red hot premise with a heck of a lot of confusion. Influencer marketing campaigns are one of the single most effective avenues a brand can utilize to expand reach, cement credibility, and become an established thought leader within any given niche. But it’s hardly a one-size-fits-all execution and the devil, […]

08 September 3 Consumer Tech Campaigns That Went Viral with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing. It’s all the rage, but like many newer (or new-again) marketing efforts in the digital age, it isn’t often well understood or well implemented. Part of the problem lies in the diversity of “influencers” out there and the myriad ways their positions of authority can be tapped into by different brands. Here are […]

02 September Drive Epic Exposure and Brand Awareness with Periscope

Visual content is now the marketing money shot. From the massive amounts of image accompanied posts on Facebook and Twitter, to YouTube’s 1 billion plus monthly active users; people want visual content. As this trend continues to explode, the new and innovative social live streaming site, Periscope, emerges with the potential to dramatically shift online marketing. […]

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