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06 August Why You Can’t Reach Today’s Youth With Ads

Today’s young consumer’s aren’t looking at ads. They are engaging on social media and chatbots. Find out what you need to do to reach them effectively. Guest: Mary has been nicknamed the “ChatBotMom” by her Messenger Marketing community, and her innovative development of chatbot copywriting has helped her students and clients sell millions in products, […]

02 August This AI solution Increases Sales Leads by 3X

In this episode of AI Marketing, I’m talking with Chad Burmeister of ScaleX.ai who shares a proven methodology for for 2-3X conversion rates from lead to opportunities. Deep down, every sales manager out there knows that having a highly converting plan for winning new business is crucial to success, but most are keeping their fingers […]

30 July Why the Days of Brute Force Selling are Over

Mark Marcelletti is an experienced sales professional that is using Artificial Intelligence to help salespeople fill their pipeline and close more deals. He’s going to walk us through how he does that and share his successes and failures. Key Discussion Points: (2:45) Why the days of brute force selling are over (4:58) The importance of […]

06 June Augmented vs. Virtual Reality Marketing (Infographic)

Despite the AR/VR hype, only the Pokemon Go game has broken the “who gives a sh#t” test for marketers. But most marketers I talk to, still don’t know the difference between Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) so when I came across this infographic, I had to post it. What is the Difference Between […]

12 September 5 Tips for Creating a Website that Converts

The importance of a well-designed website cannot be overstated. When creating or optimizing a site for appeal, it is important not to lose sight of its core purpose; to drive traffic and make you money. A site needs to take visitors and convert them into qualified leads, and eventually customers, in order to be a […]

04 August The Secrets of Subscription and Membership-Based Web Businesses, With Robbie Baxter

E-Commerce is a rapidly changing environment as digital technologies evolve the ways that individuals interact with brands, shop for products, and discover consumer goods. Subscription models have recently been reinvigorated as a popular method of providing consumers with products and services over the last several years. There are a variety of subscription box services like […]

25 May How to Market your Products with YouTube Influencers

  Influencer marketing has become a monster practice for brands to hit various KPIs. As far as platforms to leverage, YouTube is arguably the most compelling and powerful for getting a company’s message out to the world. YouTube is not only the most popular video site on the internet, but it has transcended broadcasting to […]

02 February These YouTube and Instagram Influencers Drive Massive Attendance For Feature Films

As any movie or television show builds to its release, buzz is the secret sauce that makes or breaks success. Teaser trailers, advanced screenings, and traditional advertising all get the public hyped and help spread the message. But in an era when traditional forms of advertising are facing their final days as people are blocking […]

11 December What Are the Top Mistakes that Sellers Make on Amazon?

Amazon is a critical portal for many online businesses; in some cases, it’s the sole avenue for product success. As one of the largest ecommerce platforms on the planet, the potential to build a brand, gain awareness, and generate revenue is seemingly endless. The problem is that far too many sellers are not aware of […]

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