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10 August Why You Need Audio Branding

I bet most marketers don’t consider the power of audio when branding your organization. But Jodi Krangle does. Listen to our episode as she explains why and how you need to strongly consider the impact audio has on your customers. 

17 July How to Brand Your Company in the Age of Covid-19

Mark Fidelman  00:00  Hello, everyone. Welcome to the digital brand building podcast. today. I’m very excited to learn about something new, something I don’t know. And that is implementing what they’re calling humanistic marketing practices. And joining me today is Justin Foster and Emily Sikorsky. And today, I have never done this before. But we’re […]

30 April Pandemic Marketing: How to Increase Revenue Using Social Media

SUBSCRIBE TO DIGITAL BRAND BUILDING Host Mark Fidelman, Guest Lucy Rendler Kaplan Mark Fidelman  00:22 Hello everyone, welcome to the show today. Joining me is Lucy render Kaplan from arcane marketing and PR, and we’re going to discuss one of my favorite topics, how to use social media. During this lockdown to increase business or, […]

29 June Is Your Influencer Full of Goop? Realigning Influencer Strategy

Influencers have never been “one size fits all.” It’s not just a matter of different audiences, either. Sure, brands need influencers with audiences that align with their own target consumers, but brands also need influencers who share their values, their image, and to some extent their voice. This cuts both ways. Brands don’t want their […]

27 April 5 Things that Make Entrepreneurs Succeed with Chris Brogan

Nearly everyone on the planet wants to work in a job where they set their own hours, take on the tasks they want to do, and have complete control over the money they make. For many, this sounds like an idealistic fantasy that is simply unattainable. For others, this is called entrepreneurship. Becoming an entrepreneur […]

15 March 4 of the Latest Marketing Tools to Help Your Brand Get Noticed

They say that Rome wasn’t built in a day. It wasn’t built without using a few genius tools either. In order to construct something that is strong and meaningful, you have to employ the right tools for the job. When it comes to marketing, building a brand is getting harder and harder. The digital space […]

29 February How Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders Can Stand Out as Thought Leaders

The world is brimming with individuals who want to be visionaries or thought-leaders. Through the power of social media, content creation, and other digital means of permeation, that goal is unquestionably attainable. It is not easy, however, and requires heaps of dedication, hard work, and critical thinking. The internet is a noisy place that grows […]

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