4 Of The Latest Marketing Tools To Help Your Brand Get Noticed

4 Of The Latest Marketing Tools To Help Your Brand Get Noticed

They say that Rome wasn’t built in a day. It wasn’t built without using a few genius tools either. In order to construct something that is strong and meaningful, you have to employ the right tools for the job.

When it comes to marketing, building a brand is getting harder and harder. The digital space is becoming overcrowded and noisy as more company’s than ever are pushing out massive amounts of content. Influencer campaigns are increasingly difficult with so many players jumping on the bandwagon. And every time a new marketing modality is seen to make an impact, everyone focuses their efforts in that direction and eventually floods the market.

So how can brands manage to get themselves noticed in the midst of all of this digital chaos? By employing the most powerful marketing tools you can get your hands on.

Check out these muscular marketing machines that will transform your engagement, outreach, and management efforts from fruitless to robust.

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#1: Narrow

Hearty and active social media accounts are a must for any brand trying to grow their business. It is absolutely vital for businesses to not only post engaging materials on their profiles, but interact with audiences as well. The problem is that growing social followings the “old-fashioned” way is terribly time consuming and can distract from other marketing efforts.

Narrow is an automation tool that can help you amass hordes of Twitter followers with little effort. The tool provides users with a dashboard to enter in various keywords to help target an audience. Keywords are designated to either be included in user bios or tweets, though do keep in mind that Narrow advises that bio keywords do not perform as well. Over time, the dashboard will provide a breakdown of how well keywords are performing so that you can adjust your efforts.

The keywords you identify will then seek out users who are talking about related subjects (either in their bio or tweets) and engage with these folks by following them or favoriting their posts. Do be aware, however, that some unsavory accounts may be added, so be sure to perform periodic checks to ensure your Twitter profile is reflecting the types of accounts that are congruent with your brand; something you should be doing anyway.

#2: JustReachOut

Establishing PR relations and acquiring press mentions can be extremely challenging. While trying to land a promotion, you are likely to reach out to dozens of individuals who have zero interest in covering your brand. And good luck hiring a decent PR agency on that startup budget. JustReachOut changes that dynamic forever.

This tool helps businesses to identify reporters and journalists by searching keywords related to your business or product. JustReachOut will then turn back a list of writers who cover businesses or topics related to your own. With the click of a button, the tool provides social profiles and contact information so that you can send a pitch to someone who is far more likely to be fascinated by what you are putting out into the world.

#3: PitchBox

Now that you have a list of PR pros, influencers, bloggers, and so forth at your disposal, you need to start building relationships if you hope to receive a social push from one of these folks. You need to research them, their work, and personalize your outreach materials accordingly. This will surely eat up loads of time. That is, unless you employ PitchBox.

PitchBox is an outreach and prospecting CRM automation platform that will provide personalized templated for the individuals you are reaching out to. If you don’t receive a response, PitchBox will automatically send out follow-up emails. If you do hear back, however, the subsequent emails will be cancelled. In addition to providing social metrics and website information for contacts, this tool features a bevy of resources ranging from email management, notification tools, and so much more.

#4: Notify

You are finally starting to gain some traction and getting mentioned in various places across the web. It’s important to know the instant these pieces go live so that you can share them with your audience. It’s also important to interact with the people on social who mention your offerings. Notify is the tool that will make sure you never miss a beat.

Notify lets users know via Slack or Hipchat whenever their brand has been mentioned in press publications, blogs, forums, and loads of other venues. Places like Reddit, Tumblr, Vine, LinkedIn, Medium, and more, are all monitored so that anytime your brand’s name pops up, you can share or interact with the posting.

Still need help to push your brand out of the virtual bedlam to reach the masses? Give us a call at 760-262-4252 or send an email to info@fanaticsmedia.com and we will help set you apart from the static.

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