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02 May 5 Types of Video That Sell

TRANSCRIPT:As a business owner, I have found five business video types that I really use to move the needle. And I’m going to highlight these not in any particular order, but one by one to kind of show you the different types of videos I think every business should be using. And if you want […]

09 April How Much Should a Video Cost You in 2019 (Infographic)

Have you ever wondered why despite the numerous and well-broadcasted benefits of video, some marketing teams are still not making the most of its advantages? Case in point: By 2019, 80% of the entire consumer internet traffic will be video related. Videos can boost the conversion of your landing page by up to 80% 90% […]

26 October 12 Mind-Blowing YouTube Statistics for 2017

Why YouTube Is So Important To the Internet The internet has its good points and bad points. But one of the positives is undoubtedly YouTube. The video sharing platform enables publishers of all kinds to share information and entertainment.  It is a source of alternative news, an educational platform for anybody with an interest in […]

23 October How to Make a Business Podcast Successful (Video)

What does it take to make a business podcast successful? You already know that a podcast is a powerful digital marketing tool that allows you to reach out to potential clients where they never leave – their mobile devices. As such, with podcasting, your business can greatly benefit from increased traffic generation, brand awareness, and […]

19 October How Brands are Winning with Live Streaming Influencers

The Hollywood Housewives series is a mega-hit among a select, targeted female audience. For brands, these “Reality TV” stars do as well on TV as they do offline. Why? Because they understand the reality of connecting with their audience in a live environment. Imagine your favorite TV star showing up at your house to discuss their […]

06 October How Rent the Runway Created a New Kind of Shopping Experience

Admin note: Our very own Mark Fidelman hosted an influencer series with Oracle, this is one of those videos.   In 2016, e-commerce retail sales were expected to hit upwards of $1.9 trillion; a forecasted growth rate of 23.7%. Some have also predicted that this figure is expected to skyrocket to over $4 trillion by 2020. […]

28 September 8 Simple Ways for Beginners to Make Money with YouTube

As the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube has influenced almost 1/3 users of the Internet. Although Facebook still occupies the most monthly users (2 billion), people spend more time on YouTube (about 40 min per day) than other main social media. As you may know, YouTube is also a platform which helps […]

10 January The Undeniable Case for Web TV and Episodic Content

Do you ever feel like television is beginning to fade into obscurity? Maybe not completely, but it’s inarguable that TV doesn’t have the clout it used to. The internet is slowing killing the television star. TV and online content are continuing to collide as more and more eyeballs vector to online entertainment. This trend will […]

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