Why Everyone Brand Needs A Web TV Show

Why Everyone Brand Needs A Web TV Show

Hello, everyone, welcome to the marketing minute. Today I want to talk about why any entrepreneur really any business should have their own show.

And what do I mean by that?

Well, web show, and you could do it on a webcam like I am here. This is just a simple webcam. With a simple microphone, you can run your own show. Why? Because you know how difficult it is to cut above the noise?

What is the noise? It’s all the other stuff that’s happening around you. That’s taking your customers attention away from your business.

So what do you do? I recommend all my clients podcasts are shows. They’re very inexpensive, super inexpensive to produce, very simple to run if you’ve got the right platform, which we’ll talk about in a second.

So why do you want to do this video podcast easiest way to build a community and once you have a community especially have you know what Tony Robbins calls raving fans, they buy nearly everything from you, and they give you advice. And there’s all sorts of benefits around it.

So starting a show, a lot of you think it’s difficult. Well, there’s a company called be live, you may have heard of it, I recommend it super easy to set up, allows you to interview up to four people at once, and you’d share videos and photographs during the show.

And that way, there’s not as much post editing that you have to do to put it online. And to help promote it. There’s a link down below. If you click on it, we’re going to give you a deal for be live.

And I highly recommend you check it out. So let me just summarize everything. Why do you want to show you want to show because it’s inexpensive. It cuts above the noise.

You interview your customers, partners, experts, if you’re b2b, if you’re a b2c company, you’re going to interview potential customers and other influencers in the space. And just be fun and entertaining.

Obviously, you want to leave your product in there, but it’s about being fun and entertaining and getting people focused on you. And that’s not easy to do with, you know, SEO unless you’re an expert in SEO with Facebook ads with sem, all of the digital marketing concepts that are expensive.

These shows super cheap, you just need a good host. You need a good platform, like be live and you need a good concept. Those are far easier to do far less expensive than more of your traditional digital marketing approaches. You want to learn how to do that.

You know where to reach me look in the links below my website for HTTP://www.fanaticsmedia.com reach out to me or my team and we’ll get you set up.

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