5 Types Of Video That Sell

5 Types Of Video That Sell


As a business owner, I have found five business video types that I really use to move the needle. And I’m going to highlight these not in any particular order, but one by one to kind of show you the different types of videos I think every business should be using.

And if you want to develop a personal brand, these might be some that you incorporate into your video repertoire as well. So let’s start with number one brand videos.

This is where you highlight your brand and a very, let’s say entertaining educational way but what you’re really looking for is to exude what you stand for, what your personality is what makes you unique and interesting. You really want to get into the prospects mind.

This is who we are as a company and this is what we represent. Number two product videos this These are videos that are focused on how your product solves problems and not just products can be services to. And it’s really designed to kind of give your sales team or give if you’re b2c.

Give your potential end user client an idea of what to expect when they’re using your product or service. These are very effective, especially if done well. Number three behind the scenes now might seem counterintuitive.

Why would you want to reveal the secret sauce, but this is about humanizing your brand and letting them know your guy. You’re just a bunch of human beings behind this particular product or service that’s trying to do good. It’s trying to help you it’s trying to help problem, problem solve.

And so getting the camera behind the scenes of how an organization works for the people behind it. Always a winner in this day and age. Number four special offers and sales.

So these are kind of one-off either seasonal, or maybe you need some cash flow, but these are kind of one-off emails that are special promotions to for one or buy one, get one free these types of things discounts, or what’s going on with Lyft and Uber and any of the delivery cars that are delivering food to people from local restaurants.

They’re putting out a lot of this type of content. And number five educational videos. So this is, you know, my kind of bread and butter is educating people on their own industry, if you’re b2b or b2c, about your product, or about how your product can help them do something, and doing it in entertaining different ways.

You see Coca Cola do this a lot. You see Nike doing this a lot.

And I’m talking about the product really, but they’re educating people on how to run better if they’re if they’re Nike. If it’s Coca-cola on a live life better and how to how to to take things in stride, it’d be better humans.

So those are the five types of videos that really move the needle with brands and those are the type of videos that will really help your company.

If you’re consistent, and you’re good, and you’re entertaining or educational, but you have to jump in, you have to get started. And that’s the first step towards going down that path.

Just get in, get started. They’re going to be bad initially out of the gate, but eventually, you’re going to get good.

One last thing, if you want to accelerate that I am now taking signups for my course you can see the link below.

And this course is designed from soup to nuts to get you to become a master at creating videos whether it’s really high quality, or something more like this, which is shot on a webcam and with a zoom background.

So sign up if you want more information on that.

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