Pandemic Marketing: How To Increase Revenue Using Social Media

Pandemic Marketing: How To Increase Revenue Using Social Media



Host Mark Fidelman,

Guest Lucy Rendler Kaplan

Mark Fidelman  00:22

Hello everyone, welcome to the show today. Joining me is Lucy render Kaplan from arcane marketing and PR, and we’re going to discuss one of my favorite topics, how to use social media. During this lockdown to increase business or, like, I tend to do to avoid mistakes that can kill off businesses you gotta be real careful out there folks. So, Lucy, welcome to the show.

Lucy Rendler Kaplan  00:48

Mark, thank you so much for

Mark Fidelman  00:50

having me. My pleasure and, you know, I know a lot about you but everyone listening does not Can you tell them about yourself in 100 words or less.

Lucy Rendler Kaplan  01:01

Sure, I, I have been in marketing and PR and social media for the last


2000 a wireless.

Mark Fidelman  01:10

Don’t be much dreadful. So you’re still in high school.


I mean, I was, I was advanced for my age, right. Okay.


Couple years ahead, you know,


and so yeah since then I have just loved delving into how we can use digital marketing and PR, or is that.

Mark Fidelman  01:34

Okay, wonderful so I’m gonna jump right in. Because there’s a lot to cover here, especially when it comes to social media, and everyone thought they knew the rules but the rules have now changed. You actually wrote an article in December called the six key social media trends to watch in 2020. Well, if you could revise those six key social media trends, would you at this point.


Find that article again. I, I think I would revise them. But I think more than revise what the trends are I think the way that we go about working in social media now has changed more than the general think ideas or trends have changed.

Mark Fidelman  02:21

Yeah, so the trends are still there just how you work within them. Because, yeah because chatbots none of these things that you talk about are dead in factor, they’re growing influencers all that, that you mentioned is the six trends are still relevant and I still, I still agree with you 100% ar I’d like to jump into maybe for a little while but these trends are still here. And today, as I said, I really want to talk about how we strategically use social media during this lockdown if you’re listening to this in the future. It is April 28 2020. And so, if you don’t know what the heck we’re talking about because you know if this is a year from now, we are currently in a shutdown Lucy’s in Chicago, I’m in Southern California and we both don’t know when this thing’s going to end so we’re just assuming it’s not going to end for the foreseeable future, and we’re, you know going to instruct you on our opinions on how to use social media. So my first question for you, Lucy then or is, what are you telling your clients about their social media usage during this lockdown.


meaning that I’m telling them is that it’s okay to still be using social media. I think when this all first started, people were really scared at coming off as inauthentic or as not caring, or trying to find a way to make the COVID friend relevant to their business in social and it doesn’t need to be, you know, and it’s, it’s nothing to be afraid of. And I think people will be happy to see that you can pretty much keep up the same way that you’ve been working I think your focus and your content. And the way you’re reaching people is what mainly is changing. Okay. And


is there a tact.

Mark Fidelman  04:19

That you advise them to take. And I know it’s probably relevant it’s contextual to their situation but how is there a certain voice that you’re telling them to use or subjects to avoid what is it what is the kind of a specific do’s and don’ts that you’re giving them,


empathy, always lead with empathy. I think the main thing that I want my clients and everyone else to realize right now is we do so much in audience personas, and learning about our, our audience and learning about, we want to be reaching and who we are reaching and every different thing about them, to the point where no comfortably we can tell you what they do and eat, promote their day. However, right now, every focus have changed, like everyone’s concern and immediate needs are different. And I think that’s the first thing that people have to get over is just thinking they know what people are looking for.

Mark Fidelman  05:22

And, you know, if I look at specific channels like let’s take Tick tock, for example, I mean, I haven’t actually used Tick Tock for the last two years I’ve been using it more and more now just to see. You know how people are coping with the situation are they still happy are they using tik tok in different ways, and it looks like to me that they’re everyone’s just getting more creative, and so they’ll come up with a song or a dance, and they’ll, you know, 50,000 copies of that from, from everybody that’s on tik tok that wants to do their own variation of it so it seems like we’re still in these communities I’ll be digitally. And, you know, people are just using it to kind of still connect with other people through an expression of dance or song or what have you. Is there an opportunity for brands to join in on that or is it something that should be just left alone and. Have it. Have people just use that, just to stay stoked shows this social cheese.


And so, I am so old that I was on it when it was still musically. And I have not jumped into Tic Tac since this started. But I have been writing some articles about how brands can use it and but really loving is how it really brings, who is behind the brand upfront, in a way that I feel like brands have been nervous to do before or a little unsure, or it seemed to plan and for some reason tik tok kind of removes the barrier of nerves for people. So I love, I love how teachers are doing it. Exactly their students. I love it for influencer marketing.

Mark Fidelman  07:24

Okay. And what. What are you telling people about influencer marketing and tick tock


is the best thing about that is


right now they’re not going to do all their, let’s say their quote their fashion influencers, they’re not going to try on at Target to show the new line. But they can do challenges with their audience of putting together outfits that you already have in your closet, which I feel like is a really big issue with women or something that fashion influencers, often do rarely and it’s one of the, one of the tactics that we recommend to grab a lot of viewers. They do it on.

Mark Fidelman  08:07

They do it on. I think they’re called halls they do it on YouTube a lot, but I haven’t seen it on tik tok I think that’s a great idea but I mean, are people just trying on pajamas. No, they can still getting dressed.


You know they’re showing like oh to tie that your loads were so like the new. Then, wow, um, you know, people. I feel like when you’re doing something at a tech talk, and there’s a product in there, it’s a lot less obtrusive than an ad. And so, if someone’s, if your favorite influencers doing it tick tock, and they just happen to have been I’m talking too much I’m thirsty and grab a drink. That’s so relevant right now.

Mark Fidelman  08:53

Do you think. On a side note, and I don’t go down these rabbit holes too much but on a side note, do you think the fashion industry is going to be paused for a year. So everything that we’re planning on releasing this year is going to be pushed next year because, who cares about fashion. Right now, I mean, you’re in at home with three people.


right, here’s something that I have been studying this like crazy lately, which is so funny because I am like the least fashionable person like I’m like the anti fashion blogger. But there’s a site of like to know it and it’s part of reward style. And I would say that what they’re doing. During this time where everyone’s at home. And the way they’ve pivoted it, they haven’t even really pivoted, they have just exploded, and it’s all fashion and it’s all still getting people to buy, but they’ve partnered with. They’ve made they’ve made certain days so they’ve partnered with 30 different brands for one day, and then call them ltk day, and all those brands are going to offer massive discounts, only to people on that platform. So you have all these influencers, that now are uploading items that are on sale for that day, and showing ways to update them or how can we use them. While working at home, depending on what they are, or new. Some of the fashion influencers are doing dress up Fridays. So, on Fridays, they all get together and put on their fancy outfits Vicki we’re going to go out on a Friday night like. And they all hang out and take pictures and post pictures, just to kind of bring a little more normalcy into lives.

Mark Fidelman  10:39

Yeah, that’s so interesting so the site’s called like to know it.


Yeah. All right, what they’re doing, what they’ve done and built in such a short time is just, it’s astonishing.

Mark Fidelman  10:51

Well, I’m going to do a deal. I do a lot of these reviews on LinkedIn. So if you follow me on LinkedIn, I put these videos out about innovative things that businesses are doing during COVID. In order to maintain or increase the revenue. And this sounds like a use case I should I should check out so they’re using influencers to bring in branded products or, you know, obviously apparel, and they give away massive discounts just to keep the cash flow coming in, is that what the site’s doing,


but you never know when that’s coming like sometimes they’ll tell you like, oh, July, 4 is the stupid date, July, 28 is going to be ltk day, and that day, you know, check in, and you’ll have certain codes, only available through the app to use for 24 hours or for 10 hours, but sometimes like the other day, and ltk day just popped up and all sudden, they were like, 70% off at Nordstrom, more 50% off at IKEA, you know, things like that. This woman amber that started as I was just coming off. And they’ve just and they’ve had to adapt, adjust to like there’s always a huge conference for the bloggers for the top earning influencer bloggers and they do this incredible trip. Every summer so that trip was supposed to be the ltk top sellers Tripp associates and a week or two ago, I have want to say it was like an article or something, and they’d had to cancel it. And so it. You know that’s a huge part of working with brands and they, it’s like last year at the events. STEVE MADDEN did a shoe with some of the influencers. They sold frozen in time.

Mark Fidelman  12:37

So what are they doing on social media that’s really moving the needle for them. Since our you know we’re talking about how do you use social media. And I know I took a kind of a sidetrack here but I thought was very interesting to see another business model that’s that’s thriving. During this time, especially with fashion which I mean, talk about one of the brands have got to be impacted the most or brands, the industries that are impacted the most. So, what if you’ve studied them what what are they doing on social media that you think is is right.


The whole is the same thing is, it’s just it’s just harnessing the power of influencer marketing, you know, they have their influencers, that are on the platform that have more followers, but most of the celebrities on social media. And these people are you know they they just fashion influencers that are on the site will do something on their Instagram as like, here’s a look at this great new shirt that I just picked up at target for, look at this awesome mixing bowl that three measures for you digitally. But you don’t get any other information unless you then find that blogger in the legs no and so it’s so smart of sending them from directly from Instagram so you’re not shopping on Instagram. Instagram is grabbing that money and those affiliates you know you’re losing your affiliate sales they’re, they’re then sending you to an outside site where you can buy directly through like to know it. And then each influencer has the revenue track.

Mark Fidelman  14:14

Yeah, okay. So, I mean, If they just on Instagram cuz fashion is very big on Instagram, I have my issues with Instagram and tik tok it’ll talk about in a second but is it is it just on Instagram.


No, I mean they can they can put their link anywhere. Okay, that you can only purchase it there late with their discount code through like to know an app.

Mark Fidelman  14:38

So it’s just, they’re just putting in their bio on there saying, click on the link in my bio, which is adding friction to the process right.


Well, no, I mean they mostly all have the swipe up app,

Mark Fidelman  14:48

and also on the stories.


They’re gonna get a lot in stories


in the feed they’ll usually do like a curated a picture, you know, of a new blog post or anything else that will then help them.

Mark Fidelman  15:06

I just have a problem with Instagram I know for some people and some businesses, they’ve been successful with it just because of the friction, to be able to click rate it like on YouTube, you know, you should be able to put it right into the video now it’s still in show notes they haven’t taken that away. But with uh with Instagram it’s there’s just friction that I don’t like. But I understand. Yeah, but I understand it, it’s successful and I think it’s the same with Tick tock, it’s like, tick tock is kind of there’s just a lot of friction there so I kind of discourage brands from investing too heavily in it, unless they’re working with influencers. Yeah. Yeah, so. Okay, so let’s move back to social media lessons, if you don’t mind. And do you, do you feel like you know these companies that are really struggling right now the non essentials as we call them. Is it okay for them to sell on social media, right now. Okay, so you don’t see any backlash with, you know, people putting out, non essential things that have nothing to do with COVID


famous fashion, you know, do we have to be buying ballgowns right now. Probably not we’re not going anywhere. But it’s all in the house, it’s all in your approach. I think it’s all you know non essential items are still essential. Here’s an example. So. Oddly, because I’m really bad at it, I’m a huge crafter as like a stress reliever. Bro, like all my little Dollar Tree crap. There is nothing that’s essential there’s no reason I should ever have to leave my house to go do it yet. The idea of some of the things that people are going and getting that are not essential.


How do we know that that’s not something that


they need daily for their mental health, or that something that I might consider non essential is absolutely essential to you.

Mark Fidelman  17:04

Hmm, yeah.


And I think that it’s just the approach in how you sell that makes a difference.

Mark Fidelman  17:12

Yeah, it seems like they’ve got to relate it to your situation like the pain point is, you’re sitting at home you’re bored. And if I were a fashion brand maybe I’d say, you know, why not order. These comfortable clothes because it’ll help you, you know something funny it’ll help you with. I you know I don’t know I’m thinking off the cuff here but,


You know something new. There you go,

Mark Fidelman  17:39

but frazzled at home at night. Yeah, was sexy prints, or something.


Yeah, yeah, or you know, you seem nice for kids, for their dinner let’s make let’s make. Let’s make lunch, and we’re not having lunch at school, let’s make lunch more fun since we’re not with our friends. So let’s get costumes and dress up every day to lunch for a week and do a

Mark Fidelman  18:01

tick tock


Monday, you know and maybe like Safari is Tuesday or nurse day Wednesday, you know we just get costume. That’s not essential but huge and huge for kids for memories. I think that that’s the biggest thing about this time is like the families. What they’re doing know how it’s going to stay with these children for the rest of their lives.

Mark Fidelman  18:29

Yeah, I mean this is a point in time and you bring up a good point is, we’re all going to remember where we were and what we were doing, I mean maybe not the entire time but we’re going to


look like. Social media is your scrapbook but that’s true.


That’s why it’s even more important.


Like, what’s going to be a legacy


as like even more important to really pay attention and not you know not try to capitalize on a trend.

Mark Fidelman  18:57

Yeah, I mean it’s it’s very well said and I really liked your ideas around fashion brands on putting those things on social media, though. Like, I like your dress up days for kids, or I like your date night examples. How would you, how would you use social media to kind of promote that.


So it depends where

Mark Fidelman  19:22

you are, you’re North strums, and you’re trying to reach, you’re trying to sell whatever you can already printed Tory which is vast. And since nobody is going into your stores it’s piling, it’s not, it’s not piling up because you’re not making any reorders but there’s a lot of inventory. And you’re shifting it to online, because that’s all you got. So, yeah, so what would you do on social media.


So I think I would change. I think I would for fashion I think our seasons are kind of out the window right now. So, where they might be doing back to school now. I would do something further down, so I would, I would start looking at like, October, November, and focusing on what do people need fashion wise for that time, every major retailer does make massive sales for winter clothing. Now, so as even a better time to incorporate your winter sales. With your campaign.

Mark Fidelman  20:23

Yeah. So how would you release that so if I’m Nordstrom, do you go on Instagram Do you go on Twitter, do you go on,


I would probably start working with influencers yeah them back putting out new, what’s the new holiday look what’s the new Thanksgiving. Yeah, we’re gonna wear for Thanksgiving. Who’s coming out with, you know, be honest constantly coming out with a palette for each season. So let’s start doing. Let’s start showing those colors. Now let’s start getting pre orders in even drum up more online demand and people coming back to your site, find out okay i pre ordered when’s it going to be released.

Mark Fidelman  21:05

So you would outsource the creativity to the influencers because they know their audience and they know how to connect with them way better than Nordstrom ever could so cut to your thinking.


I think for fast and I would always lead with PR and influencers. Yeah.

Mark Fidelman  21:19

What about a small company that can’t afford the big influencers, what do you do then.


Okay, well I will


not a big. I come from, I come from. I’m old school, I come from Red Bull, who taught me influencer marketing Oh

Mark Fidelman  21:35

yeah, there’s the best.


There’s you’ll never pay. So, I feel like when you’re a small brand. I always want to make a relationship mutually beneficial. So small brands or big brand there’s always going to be something that your brand has or has access to that. Someone wants. So I tried to use that as leverage for influencer marketing for smaller brands. I had a coconut water company for a while we were a small brand at the time. And we were working with Olympic level Olympian right after an Olympic year where they won gold medals. So, I couldn’t afford. I couldn’t afford to have them to pay them to hold my coconut water, but I could work with someone I know that does outdoor advertising and I could put this Olympian on the Billboard. He wouldn’t have been able to do that for free, just stated that

Mark Fidelman  22:33

she had something to offer a value beyond product because a lot of these.


I think that that’s the point of influencer marketing is always finding people that have differing values, and when you have those same values, you’re able to offer, things like that, because you all kind of operate in the same world during the same lesson

Mark Fidelman  22:56

for me it’s really tough to kind of do that research initially and then to make the connection to the influencers there’s a whole process I go through I mean obviously I’ve been an influencer marketing for last seven or eight years. But for brands or, especially smaller companies that don’t have the resources, it’s a lot of work it ultimately will pay off tremendously but you got to spend that time in order to learn more about them, and to get involved in their world and connect with them on social media and over time kind of nurture them into working with you, especially if you’re not paying them, which is the best time, you’re not paying them that’s the best type of influencer because they’re more committed to it.


But I think that that’s why that you find someone like me you know or someone with a boutique little agency that is solely focused on doing that for you.

Mark Fidelman  23:42

And how do you do that by the way once you lay it out for for everyone.


How do I find my influencers yeah

Mark Fidelman  23:50

let’s say I’m, I’ve got a, an almond water company. And I want to connect with influencers I want to hire you because I consider you an expert. And I want you to help me promote this new almond water brand. How would you do that.


Well, I actually did that for an album water brand,

Mark Fidelman  24:11

I was making that up I swear I’ve never heard of almond water.


So that’s the thing. That’s why the agency or the freelancer, that you choose, you need to really bet. You come to me and you say I’ve got an island water, and in half a second, I’ve got four names for you. Just because I’ve done this, and I have people that I’ve worked with for so many years in different ways that I always have a roster. That’s, that’s readily available for people.

Mark Fidelman  24:47

Okay and then. But what if it’s outside the industry.


We don’t just work in one industry.

Mark Fidelman  24:55

Yeah, I mean, what if it were all man hamburgers, you know, and it’s totally. I know I’m throwing a lot at you right now,


but it’s the same thing. I’ve been in CPG.


Okay, you know, so, so you want to talk to ATG I’ve got that shows I can put you in I’ve got, TV shows, I can get your own water in. I’ve got product placement that I can do ASAP.

Mark Fidelman  25:20

So the. So the advantages to work with you is that you’ve already got the contacts the


people, you know, not ideal me in like the general. You know, I think that there are a lot of creative agencies, like me, that are small, where you’re going to get the attention that you really want without having to pay to get that attention.

Mark Fidelman  25:45

Yeah. Okay. And then once you find them and identify them and you, you’ve got a relationship with them. How do you work with them in order to move the needle on social media for that. Let’s stick with the almond water example.


Okay, so for nomen water right like let’s say right now, we’re all stuck at home. What would I be doing so I would take the almond water and I would ask people to show me how they’re using it in their daily lives. So I would use a ton of UGC. I would send products to editors that I know that work in the fitness area, and also are interested in like New Age beverages and replacement things so you know you’re drinking like an almond milk, because you don’t want regular milk so is your, why are you not drinking a regular water, why are you going towards something like a normal water. So I’ll do that research and then try to find which of my influencers and media cover that. And then I’ll start getting product in people’s hands, because I want to get product out there I want pictures I want mentions. And so we’ll start with that with UGC.

Mark Fidelman  26:58

Okay, and, and, and in the time of the quarantine lockdown right now is there anything that you’re advising these influencers to do differently, or is it


sample Timo in the same in the same kind of vein.

Mark Fidelman  27:12

Yeah, I mean it’s look like, like if they’re going to promote that almond water today, would you would you have them do anything different.


Like a. It happened, I don’t want you going for a run, and grabbing your almond water. I want. I don’t want it to be like what you would always normally do, you know, thinking in the beginning, you’re in the in the cupholder of your shopping cart while you’re walking through a store, while that looks great and that’s the natural way to do it. That’s not what I want to promote right now, you know, so maybe it’s thinking, maybe it’s sticking in almond water in the back of someone’s seen while they’re doing while they’re in a mask handing out meals to the homeless or delivering for the elderly, or they’re thinking one in each. They’re finding a, they’re finding some restaurants that is cooking meals to donate to seniors, or people out of work. And we’re going to donate a water for each one of those. Yeah. I want the influencers doing things like that.

Mark Fidelman  28:17

Okay, so you don’t apply it to the times right now and maybe inside the house. Based on what attracts people to almond water which I, I, loosely I just made that up but I didn’t realize it was a thing I guess everything is a thing. I should have said something. Wow, I should have said something like, avocado water or something but there’s probably that out there. Yeah, there will be now.


There’s two ways to look at it, I think, I think it’s, it’s, it’s hard to incorporate these products into your daily life, and it’s aspirational marketing as well. So am I only gonna show my home and water inside someone’s house. No, I also want them to know that you know I want it I want a picture of it at the top of a mountain. I want someone doing a really hard hike and high fiving and doing that and taking a drink as like a reward, you know, because someday. You aren’t going to bring it with you there.

Mark Fidelman  29:12

Yeah. Right. I mean that brings up another question before we get we wrap things up is. I mean, it seems to me that it’s important to kind of acknowledge the situation we’re in today. Right. But, you know, because a lot of these videos, especially if you’re doing YouTube videos with influencers or Tick Tock videos or, you know, any kind of content that lives on the internet. It seems like it’d be completely out of context, if someone were looking at it six months or a year from now. And so, how much of the lockdown do you incorporate into that content today with the thinking that this could all be an afterthought. I know it’ll never be an afterthought, but people are going to want to get back to living. But what’s the balancing act there between talking about it today. And then, or not talking about it at all, because in the future these things won’t make sense to people.


I think that right now is our reality right now is the reality that we’re living in we don’t know when it’s gonna end like we really don’t. and I also don’t want to be the brand that’s going to come across as pushing it to end too soon. So I’m focused solely on the, on how can I, how can I help your life today with my product.

Mark Fidelman  30:28

I mean it’s well said. I think you know just thinking it through. If I were working with influencers I’d say record two videos, and we’ll pay you a little extra, or if you’re not paying them, you know, we’ll give you a little extra, whatever it is. And I’d say look, you record one for today. But let’s think about a year, and let’s record one for then, and that way we can highlight you today and then we can highlight you when this is all passed and. And since you’re doing a video anyway. You don’t want to do too. I think that might be the, the approach that I would take


that definitely an interesting way to do it that’s definitely another another tactic.

Mark Fidelman  31:05

Although you know we’re gonna shoot a scene where I guess you could still run today at least where I’m at. I don’t know about Chicago but, yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re just not around a lot of people, hopefully, unless you’re in Orange County, which just opened up beaches. Yeah, don’t run with somebody exactly because then that could be that could be the situation anyway.


Like there’s a there’s a group here that I’m in about the Chicago service industry and someone posted the other day that they asked if there were any if anyone knew of any run club. And they just like that was just not reading the room.

Mark Fidelman  31:43

Right. Hello, and that’s probably true social media I mean it’s a good example for social media. Read the virtual room and and your and your potential customers what, what would they think, what are they thinking you they should know if you’re a business you should know what they’re thinking.


Right. Exactly.

Mark Fidelman  32:01

Okay, so the wonderful discussion, glad we dove in on a couple of examples I think that’s really helpful for people listening, let’s get to like two questions I asked everybody. The first one being. What is the hottest digital marketing technology that you recommend today.


I’m all about this new otter.

Mark Fidelman  32:25

So for those of you that don’t know, otter transcribes our voices in real time. And both Lucy and I can see it. And for some people it’s distracting, but Lucy promised me, she doesn’t get distracted. And it’s going on our screen right now so I’ve mentioned that a few times on the show because I’m just blown away by the accuracy of it. And no I’m not being paid by them. Okay so


everyone’s always looking for transcription, and so many jobs now are opening up for transcribers, and it’s such a great. It’s so great because I haven’t seen something get as accurate.

Mark Fidelman  33:04

Yeah. And you’ll notice, if you’re looking at the screen, it’ll go back and self correct because it’s doing in real time but it’s also, I mean it’s so fast, it’ll go back and check to make sure that the voice matches the text, it’s amazing. Okay, second question. Oh, go ahead.


I’m a big tech person like I do not schedule media. You know, pretty much any actor that I would use would be for reporting. Yeah, I’m Sarah and I use social media very natively and I just I love the results from it.

Mark Fidelman  33:36

Yep. Agreed. Agreed. Yeah, I mean it’s tough to be successful in social media so my hat’s off to you. There’s just so it’s so noisy. Okay. and then who is the most influential person, or the person that’s influencing you the most in marketing today.


Oh my gosh I have so many I have hundred. I mean I just there I work in such a time of women. Starting business. So unapologetically. And, and then to, you know, I feel like people are people are going for it in a way that when I started my agency like we just weren’t like, and maybe it’s my age, and maybe it’s that people my age, were just like, oh, it just wasn’t a thing, you know go start your own company, but now I feel like that is encouraged from. So early on. And it’s so great and people are doing so much you know and I think when it comes to social media for me, It’s not just people in social media that I look up to, you know, I look to authors and how they talk. I look to people who are writing reporters and look at how they talk because I feel like you can learn so much about how people want to be talked to, by looking at different industries and how they talk to people and and looking at how I’m looking to buy a million different industries. And what do I like and who’s doing it well.

Mark Fidelman  35:14

Is there anyone in particular that stands out. I’m not gonna hold your feet to the fire here but anybody that


Molly john that.


I love the way she writes, I love the way she talks.


I love the way she approaches social media


in a very refreshing way of. I’ve got really important things to say, but I also, it’s important that I walk my dog, and you’ve got to see what they’re wearing today. And for some reason it just all work. And I find a lot of inspiration in the way that she gives hope. While talking about things that really have so

Mark Fidelman  35:59

what channels Is she on.


I follow her mainly on Facebook and Twitter,

Mark Fidelman  36:04

Facebook and Twitter. Okay, wonderful


evolves though I mean she’s also on Instagram.


I follow her.

Mark Fidelman  36:12

Okay. All right, so we’ll put out. We will put her a handle in the show notes that was Molly john.


Yeah, okay. Yeah. And of course, like Madeline sorry, a really good friend of mine, and I will always learn from her.

Mark Fidelman  36:31

Nice. Okay, wonderful both will be in the show notes


for Chad on Thursdays is great for brand.

Mark Fidelman  36:40

What’s your chat cool, what’s it about.


It’s a great chat, Twitter, noon on me see if I can find more. Well, why is twit I’m sorry it’s the hashtag is Twitter smarter

Mark Fidelman  36:59

Twitter smarter. Okay, so it must be about Twitter.


Yeah, but it’s not about Twitter like it’s about it’s about content marketing, and it’s about talking to people and how to reach people and and behind the scenes, things that maybe you don’t know about social is great every week she’s got a new person as her guest and it’s a different topic, and it’s the conversation that goes on within the group, or just.

Mark Fidelman  37:28

Okay, wonderful, both will be in the show notes. And I want to leave everyone with the key takeaway for Lucy. She wants you to read her latest arc article on four she owns it. I would recommend also taking a look at the six key social media trends to watch in 2020. But after you read that article. Listen to this podcast again to see how to apply some of what’s happening today in the quarantine and to those social media trends. So, with that Lucy. Appreciate you being on the show. It’s my pleasure. We’re gonna have you back in a couple of weeks to talk about PR during a lockdown so if you’re listening to this in the future. You like what Lucy had to say today, we will more than likely, two weeks from now have another episode on how you do this with PR. And finally, if you enjoyed our podcast please write a review for us in the apple podcasts and Google Play app stores and Lucy. I suspect. You know, if you know social media are any indication as to, you know what’s happening here in, in the quarantine that you know people are rising to the occasion people are, you know, connecting, they’re doing everything that they can to stay relevant and, and I think after listening to this podcast they’re gonna have a lot more to think about and a lot more to do so I really appreciate again having you on the show, and I’ll talk to you in a couple weeks.


Great, thank you.

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