The Top 6 Marketers On Blab You Need To Watch

The Top 6 Marketers On Blab You Need To Watch

As we recently reported on Periscope, visual content is a goldmine and there is no better way to engage an audience than to put them right in the middle of the action. With sites like Meerkat and Periscope exploding in popularity almost overnight, it comes as no surprise that more platforms are looking to cash in on this digital face-to-face interaction; enter Blab.Im.

Though still in the beta phase, Blab has taken off like a Smart car with a rocket engine since its launch six months ago. Blab allows anyone to have their own live show. The live streaming platform enables real-time public video chats with up to four members on-screen at a time, and an endless amount of viewers participating through a Twitter comment bar to the right or below the chatters. If all four “seats” are not occupied, viewers can request to enter the on-screen chat; it is up to the host if they are willing to accommodate.

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Much like other social media platforms, individual video chat boxes can be approved of in what Blab calls “feels” throughout a broadcast. These are depicted through the well-known “praise” emoji, but they do revert back to zero once the broadcast is over, so don’t get too attached. Chats can either be recorded for later replays or disappear forever once it’s over. Essentially, it is like smashing Periscope and Google Hangouts into a single platform.

With this platform gaining serious steam in the past several months, tons of influencers and public figures are flocking to share some incredible advice and insights. Check out some of these must-see Blab broadcasts (not in any ranking order):

#1 Bryan Kramer

With over 300,000 social fans and followers, Bryan Kramer is one of most recognizable thought-leaders on the science of sharing. As the CEO of PureMatter, world renowned keynote speaker, trainer, and consultant, Bryan has some serious clout in the marketing environment.

Through Blab Brain has shared some of the tenants of his best-selling book Shareology, weighed-in on why live streaming video could potentially be a social media game-changer, how average folks can change the world, and loads more fascinating viral insights.

#2 Ted Rubin

Ted Rubin is the Acting CMO to Brand Innovators, a Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, and author of the book Return on Relationship. Since 2008 Ted has been promoting the associated #RonR, which is what Ted considers the cornerstone for constructing an engaged multi-million member community.

Ted has recently taken to Blab to discuss why conversation is the best content (which Blab is the perfect platform to highlight this on), his advocacy for #NoLetUp, life as a divorced father and how that plays into his identity, the evolution of social communication, and the power of tweets.

#3 Grant Cardone

Owner and operator to four different companies, Grant Cardone is a serial entrepreneur with personality to spare. He is a New York Times best-selling author to four books and currently considered as the leading sales training and social media authority in the world.

When Grant takes to Blab, he covers everything from business Q&A sessions, to coaching 13 year old entrepreneurs, to giving advice on building brands quickly. His streams are always informative, entertaining, and valuable events for business owners and marketers.

#4 Brian Fanzo

Fanzo can be found on Periscope, Meerkat and Blab. He’s the poster boy for how to conduct livestreaming events well.

When Fanzo runs or joins a Blab, his huge community of fans follow. This is a guy that talks fast and knows what he’s talking about. Definitely a must follow.

#5 Kim Garst 

Social selling strategist, Periscope expert, best selling author, the list goes on. Kim can also add Blab expert to her amazing portfolio of accomplishments. Her most recent Blab, “How to Create Visual Content Your Community Can’t Wait To Share” has garnered over 2400 views. You’ll want to subscribe to Garst if you’re looking for quality content from her quality guests.

#6 Rebekah Radice

Radice is a digital marketing strategist, speaker and the author of “How to Use Social Media to Virtually Crush the Competition.” She has a common sense approach to social media and marketing that is easy to follow and easy to learn from.

Radice’s Blabs focus on building an online presence and finding ideal clients. If these are problem areas for your business, then she is a great person to follow.

In sum: Despite Blab’s current beta status, the live streaming platform is becoming a popular modality among agencies, including the discerning crowd here at FanaticsMedia. We have a weekly Blab ourselves, hosted by CEO Mark Fidelman. Check it out for more genius marketing tips.

Article by: Tina Brown

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