The No Bullshit Guide To Influencer Marketing (How To Video)

The No Bullshit Guide To Influencer Marketing (How To Video)

Working with influencers in your industry is the single best marketing tactic with the highest ROI. Even if you think you understand influencer marketing, you probably haven’t seen it from your customers’ perspective. I play the role of customer in this video and walk you through step by step how they learn to buy your product and how they find it.

So let’s get right into it.

This is the no Bullshit Guide to influencer marketing. Even if you’ve tried and failed multiple times, this is a must watch, how to video.

In the video I explain:

  • The 3 reasons influencer marketing fails
  • How Buyers really buy in the digital age, and how influencers can influence them
  • Influencers do three things for you.
    #1 – Instant trust
    #2 – Wide Distribution
    #3 – They know how to inspire your customers
  • How to work with influencers to drive revenue and leads, not just awareness.
  • Comparing advertising channels and influencer marketing results.
  • How Influencer marketing impacts SEO

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