This Landing Page Growth Hack Is A Must Try

This Landing Page Growth Hack Is A Must Try

I’ve done some of these variation hacks before. This one takes the cake though. And I was given permission to show this. This isn’t from me, but certainly, something that I’m going to use in the future.

So let’s take a look at it. There’s variation A, which you can see is $29. It’s been slashed from $367 looks like a great deal, right? But we all know we’re kind of being manipulated here.

That converted at 3.5%, which is respectable, you know, you’re getting 3.5% of visitors to actually come in and buy this that’s respectable But this simple little change, and actually, there was two changes one, so you can see here, they slashed the price to $29 like the other one, but they also added a countdown timer, which makes people think: Oh, this deal is only going to be good for 20 minutes and bundle sold which is a little bit of social proof, to kind of show how many people have already purchased it.

This little cycle trick moved the needle from 3.5% conversion rate to 10% conversion rate. As you can see on this graph, from goal conversion rate from Google Analytics, their conversions went up dramatically, at least in terms of 3.5% to 10%.

And if you send a lot of traffic to that, you can see how much that money grows pretty quickly and that’s what marketers are about, about converting. So try that out.

Let me know if you do and show me the results.

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