A Minor Navigation Bar Change Increased CTR By 47%

A Minor Navigation Bar Change Increased CTR By 47%

Optimizely ran a very simple ad test. But the results were pretty shocking.

In fact, just a simple change on a popular call to action, within a landing page, increase the click-through rate by 47%. And I’ve seen a lot of these, this one doesn’t seem obvious, but according to Optimizely, it really works.

So I thought I’d share it with you. So this new change or hack is I’m calling it, it’s more of a copy, hack, increase their click through rate, as I said, by 47%.

It also increased their page views by 50% and increase the overall web site conversion by 8%. I think that’s just the law of averages, but still a noteworthy statistic.

So here’s what they changed. The old version of the call to action was “Why Use Us”. And then they simply changed the navigation of the landing page, or you might as well do it across your entire website, which is where I think they came up with the 8% percent increase.

The new version that they tried says simply, How it Works”. Now a lot of you might not have a product where that applies or a service that how that applies.

But if you do, definitely want to change, “Why Use Us “to “How it Works”, and if you think about it, most of us don’t really care why use us as much as how this thing’s are going to work and solve my problem. So totally makes sense.

That is your hack for today.

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