6 Ways On How Influencer Marketing Can Greatly Improve Your SEO

6 Ways On How Influencer Marketing Can Greatly Improve Your SEO

If you run a website or own a blog, you know how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial in helping you gain traffic in your site. But do you know that influencer marketing is also excellent for your SEO?

Having a well-targeted influencer marketing campaign can help you generate high levels of engagement, which in turn, can help you improve the SEO of your site.

In this post, we’ll talk about the ways how influencer marketing can significantly improve your SEO.

Alright, so let’s dive in.

1. Helps to boost brand awareness

One of the biggest challenges most brands and marketers face is standing out from the rest of the competition. As you know, the digital marketplace today is getting fierce.

In a survey by Nielsen, approximately 92 percent trust more the recommendations of people over traditional ads. And who do these consumers know? Well, the influencers they usually follow on social media. In fact, another study found out that users tend to trust influencers as they would trust their friends.

Influencers have many followers who greatly trust their reviews and recommendations. So, you can benefit from influencers to boost the overall visibility of your brand through social media, vlogs, and blogs.

Influencers can drive traffic in your site that will boost your SEO rankings in ways paid ads simply can’t.

2. Helps to create inbound links

Consider this example. If you’re scouring the internet looking for a remedy to revive your dying succulent plant, and come across an ad selling “high-quality” gardening equipment, you might not be convinced right off the bat.

But if you read a blog post written by an expert on a blogger in that niche, detailing how they were able to nurture plants using a particular product from a company, you might be sold out to buy that product.

If you work with influencers that have a high domain authority, with influence over your target audience, they can improve your marketing efforts in two ways.

First, they can generate high-quality content that clearly shows how effective your products are. Second, once they mention your brand and directly link your site, it boosts your credibility in the long run.

Remember that both backlinks and internal links have a significant impact on whether or not you’ll appear on the top of search results. Over time, your search rankings will gradually improve if there are high-quality domains that will link back to your site.

It usually depends on your budget, but you can start working with micro-influencers ‒ influencers that have a relatively smaller, but highly engaged audience, as you work your way up into earning those inbound links.

3. Improves your social media signals

It’s still a debate in the SEO industry whether or not social media plays a crucial role in improving search engine rankings. Either way, what’s clear is that social media significantly enhances SEO, indirectly, or otherwise.

When a new audience engages with your brand or business, it brings in more followers and engagement.

As a result, this leads to significant site traffic, backlinks, and other factors that enhance SEO.

4. Keeps your organic content updated

Remember that SEO and content marketing always go hand in hand. The thing is, Google always pays attention whether your content is fresh or not, and has a significant impact on the overall ranking of your site.

If you haven’t updated a blog that was written three or four years ago, you’ll be losing your rank in favor to your competitor who is always updating their content regularly.

Influencers are guaranteed to be pros in crafting fresh, and organic content that immediately catches audience attention. So, if they’re working closely with you, you are guaranteed to have a steady stream of new content.

While you might not use all those content on your website or blog, you’re sure to have a lot of material to include on your social media, helping you run things more smoothly.

That, too is what’s vital to Google. Social shares, (both quality and quantity) are in its top ranking factors.

5. Diversifies your content with videos

Youtube falls under Google’s umbrella, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that traffic has significantly increased after the Google Panda update.

That’s why you must consider this as an excellent opportunity to work with an influencer and create more than just blog posts. When you diversify your content, it expands your reach, with the possibility of landing that coveted top spot on the search results.

Your content could be a video interview with an influencer, audio podcasts, or interview segments that are divided into slides with compelling visuals. These efforts can leverage your brand in search visibility.

Keep in mind that while these efforts won’t influence the search visibility of your website directly, it’s always an excellent idea to consider other entry points in your funnel such as videos.

6. Provides more publishing opportunities

Over time, you’ll earn links naturally through your content and various influencer campaigns. However, if you want to build links over time consistently, then the key is creating high-quality, valuable content on more authoritative sites.

However, the problem here is most of these sites have incredibly high standards when it comes to publishing content. Therefore, they’re more selective on who they allow writing.

Networking with influencers helps open up more doors that you never thought existed in the first place. For instance, an influencer you may know has connections with a publication or an editor, giving you an introductory opportunity to guest post in their site.

Getting Started with Influencer Marketing

Sometimes, you may not have the budget to work with macro-influencers in your niche. Don’t be discouraged! In cases like these, you might have to start small and work closely with micro-influencers. Usually, they are the people who have relatively more modest, but highly engaged audiences.

Chances are, you’ll even have better results if you work with an influencer that has only 20,000 followers, but highly engaged.

Over time, this can help you earn inbound links, helping you rank higher, and driving in more traffic and conversions your way and as a result, giving you more budget to invest in more influencer marketing campaigns in the future.

Overall, influencer marketing is a great way to improve the overall SEO of your site. Keep in mind to try not to rush into building these relationships overnight. Don’t be immediately discouraged with a lack of instant, visible results.

It takes a while to make these relationships, as well as to improve your rankings, SEO, guest blogging, and all other activities.

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John is the sole owner of Local SEO Search Canada. John’s mission is to help local business owners improve their online influence, so they can dominate their industry. Using his business acumen and innate understanding of the local business landscape, John also writes blogs on customized SEO campaigns that are based on the clients’ needs.

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