eCommerce Marketing: 8 Easy Social Media Tips That You Can Do To Convert More

eCommerce Marketing: 8 Easy Social Media Tips That You Can Do To Convert More

Social media is powerful for branding. It’s a highly effective way to reach more audiences and build brand awareness.

However, keep in mind that there’s another side of social media that’s equally as important ‒ turning your social media followers into leads and customers.

For most marketers, social media conversions are the ultimate sign of success. While having hundreds and thousands of followers great, do you have the ability for people to take action?

If you’re currently struggling in converting your social media followers into leads, here are eight practical tips to increase your conversions.

1. Use micro-segmentation for effective marketing

It’s not about what you say at the end of the day. Instead, it’s who you say it, to. The great thing about micro-segmentation is that it’s a message-audience fit. When you know what your audience wants, you can give them what they need.

When you integrate this knowledge with the current trend of applying artificial intelligence to ads, you can generate campaigns for smaller, relatively specific targets.

It’s also segmented based on their hobbies and interests, the brands and pages they follow and interact with, the places they choose for their holidays, and so on.

2. Integrate live videos and Youtube to promote your products

A highly effective marketing channel that you can utilize is video. Since YouTube is the second most visited site on the internet, the platform can drive a significant amount of traffic to your site. Moreover, Google also indexes these videos on search results (Google also owns Youtube as well.)

Knowing that videos are highly effective, you can utilize Youtube to dominate for the searches of the various products that you have.

Investing in high-quality videos will help you educate your users more, as well as showcase your products.

Moreover, see to it that you’ve enabled the YouTube Playlists feature, as it makes visitors stay longer in your channel.

3. Invest in native ads

Because there are numerous ad blockers these days, there is an ever growing need to utilize native ads. Since there is a lot of intrusive advertising going on, it negatively affects user experience. As a result, users are blocking them in their desktops and mobile devices.

The key here shouldn’t be forcing ads on uninterested users. Instead, it’s all about choosing to invest in the kind of advertising that brings value.

Meanwhile, native ads aren’t blocked easily because it isn’t external to the content ‒ it’s part of it. That’s why it’s essential that you create content in which your audience is genuinely interested in or create videos that have solutions to their problems.

Your goal is for users to actively search for your content and not run away from it.

4. Insert social media buttons on your website

Make it convenient for users to share your content and products on social media by incorporating social media buttons on your site. Maintain an active presence on various social media networks, and start building a community of loyal fans.

Incorporate your blog on your e-commerce site, and utilize it to post for the company and product announcements, helpful tips for your customers, and so on.

So why not integrate social media buttons for all your products? That way, customers can easily share it with other networks. Doing so helps generate more traffic to your site.

Make social media do wonders for your business and brand by boosting the exposure of your brands and products.

5. Engage with influencers

Influencer marketing is on the rise for years now and has a lot of potential in Youtube, blogs, social networks, and other channels.

Work with influencers that have the power to “move” your target users, and learn how to collaborate with them strategically ‒ don’t just pay for product reviews.

If utilized the right way, influencer marketing in boosting the credibility of your brand, gain user-generated content, virality, and provide a more human side to your brand.

Fanatics Media will help you to connect with the right influencers.

6. Follow your customers on social media

You have to track down your prospects and follow them. Know where they are hanging out on social media and follow them there. For instance, if your target audience is professionals, then it’s highly likely that you can find them in LinkedIn rather than Facebook.

Reaching out to people who are highly interested in your products is crucial. That’s especially true if you’re implementing a social media marketing plan.

Create valuable content for your prospects to build trust. Also, see to it that you reply to comments and messages that they send you.

7. Take advantage of social reviews

Give your customers the chance to do social media marketing for you through the social media reviews of your products. Remember that these kinds of reports are authority boosters because they tend to be more neutral as compared to traditional marketing tactics.

In fact, 88% of consumers say that they both trust personal recommendations and online reviews to the same extent.

Think about it, do you look at Yelp or Google reviews first before trying on a local restaurant? It also applies to your site’s posts and landing pages.

Moreover, users are preconditioned to make decisions based on:

  • Popular tweets and retweets.
  • Brands with a number of social media fans and followers.
  • Blogs or articles that gain thousands of shares.
  • Web pages that have testimonials with several satisfied customers.
  • Case studies related to how it improved their bottom line.

8. Run contests and offer special discounts

Starting contests and giveaways on social media is an excellent way to generate leads. However, to make that possible, you must ensure that the attracts the kind of leads that you’re targeting. That’s why you must know how to utilize social media contests strategically.

For instance, a prize that offers free appliances would generate an overwhelming number of entries, but having such generic contests and giveaways won’t help boost your business unless you’re selling appliances as well.

The key here is to come up with a contest and prize that’s directly related to your business. For instance, the payoff could be a free e-book or a free monthly trial of your software.

Another way to have a successful social media contest is by utilizing it to gain additional leads. For instance, you can use liking, sharing, retweeting, and following your accounts as a way to join. Another option is letting your social media followers click-through your landing page to enter.

Over to You

Creating an active presence on social media is an excellent way to boost your customer loyalty. As you know, conversions take time.

When it comes to your social media marketing strategy, you need to be systematic, as well as patient with your approach. Keep in mind that whether you have high conversions, or struggle with people clicking through your page, there will always be more room for improvement.

So why not give the following tips above a try and see how high you can improve your conversions? Also, what are the tips you’ve tried in the past to boost your conversions?

Having the right social media tactics drives more traffic to your site, improve brand awareness, and ultimately, grow your business in the long run.

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