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23 July How to Use Evergreen Content to Drive Sales Opportunities

SPEAKERS Mark Fidelman, Matt DeCoursey TRANSCRIPT Matt DeCoursey  00:00 So like a news article is for the most part not what I would call evergreen content a piece written about leadership, or how to build a business with some timeless advice would be a better example of evergreen content. Mark Fidelman  00:14 Okay. And, you […]

23 July How to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Grow your Business

Host and Guest Mark Fidelman, Jerry Abiog Mark Fidelman  01:18 Hello everyone welcome to the digital brand builder podcast Joining me today is Jerry Abiog and Jerry has done something that I started early on in this podcast which is introducing AI into a marketing platform. And because there’s artificial intelligence in this platform, you […]

17 July How to Brand Your Company in the Age of Covid-19

Mark Fidelman  00:00  Hello, everyone. Welcome to the digital brand building podcast. today. I’m very excited to learn about something new, something I don’t know. And that is implementing what they’re calling humanistic marketing practices. And joining me today is Justin Foster and Emily Sikorsky. And today, I have never done this before. But we’re […]

16 July How to Increase Search Engine Visibility for Your Products

Mark Fidelman  02:19 Hello everyone. Welcome to the digital brand builder podcast where we interview experts on a single subject. And today, we have Chris Dickey from visibly, and he’s going to talk about how you can bring more visibility to your brand, especially on search engines. So, you know, Chris, I want to welcome […]

18 June How to Increase Social Media Engagement on Every Post

Mark Fidelman  00:03 Welcome to the digital brand builder podcast where we bring you the best growth strategies from the world’s experts to help build your business faster. And now, here’s your host, Mark Fidelman Hello, everyone, welcome to the brand builder podcast. Joining me today is Aaron Iseman, and we’re going to talk about […]

05 May How to Build an Audience from Scratch

How to build an audience from scratch. He has a very unique approach and I can’t wait to learn from him.

13 August How to Generate Massive Engagement on Facebook Using Messenger Bots

Jim Cochrane is a well-known business advisor. In this episode, Jim explains how he uses Facebook Messenger bots to drive massive engagement and sales.  Key points: 2:30 Why do you have a site named SilentJim.com – Gumball machines? 5:01 Why did Jim decide to use Messenger bots? 8:40 Compelling content will give you 90%+ open […]

10 August AI Will Never Replace Human Beings

Jamie McCann has No AI experience – so I decided to ask Jamie why he hasn’t used it. His responses will surprise you, but they are similar to how most executives react to AI. While AI won’t replace AI, there are some cases will It replace human beings. Jamie defends human talent while I suggest […]

06 August Why You Can’t Reach Today’s Youth With Ads

Today’s young consumer’s aren’t looking at ads. They are engaging on social media and chatbots. Find out what you need to do to reach them effectively. Guest: Mary has been nicknamed the “ChatBotMom” by her Messenger Marketing community, and her innovative development of chatbot copywriting has helped her students and clients sell millions in products, […]

02 August This AI solution Increases Sales Leads by 3X

In this episode of AI Marketing, I’m talking with Chad Burmeister of ScaleX.ai who shares a proven methodology for for 2-3X conversion rates from lead to opportunities. Deep down, every sales manager out there knows that having a highly converting plan for winning new business is crucial to success, but most are keeping their fingers […]

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