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AI with a Heart

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We’ve all seen that marketing has made a sharp turn towards more authentic human conversations. So how can AI coexist in that world and can it survive? 

My conversation with Bryan Kramer, inventor of the H2H (Human to Human) business philosophy and I discuss the pros and cons of AI in marketing and whether AI can survive in this new marketing world.

Learn Bryan’s take on AI in leadership, small business and several other areas. You’ll be surprised at Bryan’s position and even more surprised on mine. Listen in to find out.   

Show Links: 

Guest www.bryankramer.com

My Chatbot: https://m.me/fanaticsmedia?ref=w6471331 

Replica social therapy app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ai.replika.app&hl=en_US

Moodpath app health coaching app: https://mymoodpath.com/en/ 

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