Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare? It’s Here

Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare? It’s Here

Chris Finch stops by to discuss AI in Healthcare and Pharma.

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2:00 How did you convince healthcare companies to try AI?

5:35 What about the lawsuits?

7:05 What were the roadblocks to getting AI approved at pharmaceutical companies?

10:25 Words of advice for healthcare and pharma companies to deploy chatbots?

17:58 Where are things headed in Healthcare AI and chatbots?

Social Media: @earthware

IN 100 words or less, what is your chatbot or AI Voice app and why?

Bablyon Health in the UK – developed an AI application to triage parents through symptoms

BIO: Chris Finch is Managing Director at earthware, a healthcare digital creative agency specialising in AI and chatbots. Prior to joining earthware in 2010, Chris held various commercial roles at global pharmaceutical company Schering-Plough.

Chris is a regular speaker and author on digital marketing in the pharmaceutical sector and is a thought leader on the use of chatbots in healthcare, having led earthware’s clients in launching the first pharmaceutical brand chatbots in the UK and Europe.

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