How To Generate Massive Engagement On Facebook Using Messenger Bots

How To Generate Massive Engagement On Facebook Using Messenger Bots


Jim Cochrane is a well-known business advisor. In this episode, Jim explains how he uses Facebook Messenger bots to drive massive engagement and sales.

Key points:

2:30 Why do you have a site named – Gumball machines?

5:01 Why did Jim decide to use Messenger bots?

8:40 Compelling content will give you 90%+ open rates

11:20 How Jim gets subscribers on their Messenger Bot list

13:20 Going Live on Facebook is a great self-boosting strategy

15:15 What Jim does to get additional information from people on Chatbots

19:10 What he does with Facebook ads and ecommerce chatbots to grow his audience

19:50 Jim’s strategy for deploying ecommerce chatbots

20:30 The video Jim created that drove millions of views

22:08 The two metrics Jim looks at to determine content success

26:16 What does Jim tell skeptics about Facebook Messenger?

What is your favorite chatbot, AI Voice app or AI Solution?

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Jim Cockrum is leading the way guiding his 50,000+ member entrepreneur group on a mission to change the way the world does business. A revered business advisor, Jim is ranked highly among the most trusted Internet Marketers in the world (among hundreds of ‘experts’ his name keeps showing up on top) according to the 40,000 voting members of an independent watch dog service.

His mentoring focus is to assist those who have an entrepreneurial heart and help them build sustainable income streams online – and it’s working! Join thousands of successful entrepreneurs who have learned to launch or grow thriving online businesses using cutting-edge, exciting strategies for Amazon FBA, eBay, self-publishing, online marketing and other proven online strategies as taught by author Jim Cockrum just simply listening to his free podcast and utilizing the lessons there. As arguably the all time best-selling author in the world on the topic of online business success, Jim’s recently updated “Silent Sales Machine” book has been the cornerstone tool launching countless success stories. Silent Sales Machine Radio teaches the principles from his book and is for anyone who is looking to build or start an online business the RIGHT way with advice from one of the most trusted names in online market. Join him at

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