Amazon Growth Hacks For Boosting Brand Awareness And Sales

Amazon Growth Hacks For Boosting Brand Awareness And Sales

Amazon is the largest and most powerful ecommerce platform in the world. For any new ecommerce start-up, developing a powerful presence on Amazon means more than product sales, it can bring massive brand awareness too. Amazon is a world of clutter and competition, however, so brands need a rock solid game plan if they want to make a splash.

To go big on Amazon, you need to know all the intricacies. Mastering this space is similar to mastering SEO or crowdfunding; there are growth hacks and insider secrets that aren’t intuitive. You can learn by experience through making your own mistakes, or you can become educated out of the gate and take the turbo track.

If you’d like avoid the typical trappings, we can help. Below you’ll find some of today’s top tips for building a highly successful Amazon presence, quickly and effectively.

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Tip #: Develop a Substantial Listing

A listing that provides potential customers with all the information they need about your product. This is paramount for gaining conversions and will make or break your Amazon experience. If a customer does not know what your product’s features are, the differentiating factors, and the clearly defined benefits, they will quickly move on to a product page that offers the insight they are seeking.

For your page to be as compelling as possible, load up the item description with as many details as possible about what your product is and what sets it apart from the rest. Additionally, build out a Q&A section to convince customers that your product is superior.

An informative description is not enough though; you should also create and post product images to help highlight the merchandise. Be sure to also list some of the features and benefits in the title of the listing as this will help to drive people to click on your page.

Tip #2: Reviews, Reviews, and More Reviews

Substantial listings don’t end with product information – this is just the beginning. In order to gain the traction your page needs, work at obtaining customer reviews. These can be gained from family and friends, but be weary as Amazon is rigorous at hunting down potential connections between sellers and reviewers. The most effective reviews will come from folks who you are not affiliated with and who have been verified as purchasing your product on Amazon.

Some companies do product giveaways in exchange for an honest review. Those in integrity then alert readers that the review is a service for a free product, and must be viewed in that light. The best course of action is to be proactive with your customers as they purchase your products, gently asking for honest feedback so you can build the reputation of your brand.

Tip #3: Communicate with Your Customers

Your customers want to hear from you, if it includes added value for them. So don’t be shy.

For businesses that sign up for Amazon’s Seller Central, the ability to communicate with customers post-purchase is made available. This is a fantastic benefit to assist in developing brand loyalty and for gaining customer reviews. When Seller Central is paired with Feedback Genius, sellers can send out automated emails to buyers to ensure that their experience was top-notch. If anything is amiss, you want to know as early as possible.

Be aware that any emails sent to consumers cannot include links or URL’s of any kind, however, PDF’s can be created and sent with the emails. This provides sellers the opportunity to send warranty information that must be registered in order to drive customers back to your website. You can then gather valuable email addresses for additional communications.

Again, be very attentive to those who have left negative product or seller reviews. Communicate with these folks to turn their opinion around. Often times addressing a negative review in the appropriate manner can convert the reviewer to leave one of the best comments on your page.

Tip #4: Market Like Crazy

For people to make purchases through your Amazon listing, they have to know you exist. There are a myriad of ways to market on and off the digital storefront to push people to your page. First off, Amazon ads can be extremely inexpensive. Amazon gives new signups to Seller Central $50 to play with, so you can get your feet wet without spending a dime.

A vital element to marketing your product listing on Amazon centers around content like blogs and videos. These should not be overly salesy, yet still highlight exactly why people need your product. Always include an irresistible offer and unique coupon code (or something similar) along with a link to the Amazon page and a clear call to action.

Yet another way to funnel folks towards your listing involves using a Facebook remarketing code on the product page of your website. Often times, consumers will not purchase directly from a website because they are not comfortable or familiar with that site. By applying a Facebook remarketing, the product a visitor eyeballed on your site will follow the user across Facebook with a link to the Amazon listing. Retargeting can be a powerful way to close a sale.

There are a variety of other ways to get your Amazon page to thrive and prosper. Ready to dive deeper into building a more authoritative presence on Amazon? Call us at: 760-262-4252

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