Try This Beach Marketing Stunt Campaign

Try This Beach Marketing Stunt Campaign

Hello, everyone, welcome to this is Carlsbad beach and is crowded. Why? Because it’s really hot. So it got me thinking, if I were gonna do a marketing stunt at the beach, what would I do? Well, I think one thing that could really spook things up a little bit given that it’s 2020.

And almost anything that can happen is happening fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, double hurricanes COVID, what I would do, and it would take a brave brand and do this with a pre put four or five giant, let’s just say Godzilla sized footprints on the beach in the morning. And you can imagine I’d make it look really real. And you can imagine what that would do to people in the area, because everyone’s asking what’s next.

What’s next is have Godzilla emerging from the ocean and landing on this beach to attack on the population here. And then of course I’d find a way to brand those footsteps or do a big reveal somewhere else on the beach. I think that will get press attention will get you attention and it’d be something that would be unforgettable

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