This Marketing Stung Crushed It

This Marketing Stung Crushed It


Hello, everyone, I am in Carlsbad, California. And I want to talk about a marketing campaign I did all the way over in New York City. Why am I doing Carlsbad, California? Well, it had to do with density.

So what we did is another marketing stuff where we set up a booth. And we had people come in and compare data speeds on their cell phone. And we compare those data speeds to this new provider that was in New York City. And we captured on film, and we showed them the difference between that speed that they currently had and the speed that they would get with a new cell phone provider. And those videos did extremely well out there because it was real as authentic, we captured the emotion we captured everything that had to do with surprise and shock of those people in real time.

So that is our lesson for today. If, in COVID land now you have a product that would do well in these densely populated cities, setting up a booth and demonstrating your product or service isn’t that bad of an option, as long as you capture it, as long as you’re creating content that allows you to put it out on YouTube or Instagram or even Facebook. So there’s that my current Tip of the day as well as campaign of the day. Talk to you later.

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