This AI Can Produce 20,000 Articles For 44 Cents

This AI Can Produce 20,000 Articles For 44 Cents


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Chris Penn Explains how AI and Natural Language Generation will listen to your customers and create content for them… Automatically!

(2:40) What are Elmo, Grover, Burt and Ernie in terms of Natural Language Generation (NLG)

(4:45) What politician was mimicked on Twitter by a machine generation AI system?

(7:50) Can Mark feed the AI system a Techcrunch writer and have the AI write an article?

(8:45) When will be able to realize truly credible AI articles and Whitepapers?

(11:50) Why it cost $0.44 to create 20,000 articles

(16:11) What should marketers prepare for to prepare for the AI wave?

(19:15) AI That listens to your customers then creates content for them

(22:25) Chris Penn’s favorite AI Solution

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