The Single Best Web Hack For Increased Sales

The Single Best Web Hack For Increased Sales

Sales are the most important metrics of nearly every company. Sales are your revenues, your life blood, your vital flow. Consistent sales begin and end with great lead generation. If you’re not good at converting traffic into actual interested customers, you’ll never get them down the sales funnel. So this is a great area to focus a little mastery.

There are many complex strategies to amplifying the amount of potential prospects and revenue your company receives; many of which require significant investments or large chunks of time to implement. But you are already strapped for time handling the daily grind of running a business and don’t have the hours, and possibly the funds, to enact a large scale initiative. That’s where this genius hack comes in.

In our latest Marketing Hacks video, Mark Fidelman, Fanatics Media CEO, divulges his single best web page hack for increasing sales; a secret that he has never shared with a single soul – until now. Watch as Mark exposes his stellar page hack for raking in sales in just one minute. Or just keep reading below.

The “How to Buy Now” Hack

Every website that has a product to sell needs a “Buy Now” call-to-action. Even if products or services cannot be purchased through the actual website, it must be present as a way to guide prospects through the sales funnel. You can rest assured that every single individual that clicks on that CTA is interested in potentially purchasing your offerings; hello new prospect! Here’s the secret you’ve been waiting for:

Once a visitors arrives at the page that will display more information, a pricing list, or whatever else, a form from OptinMonster automatically populates. This form will require the individual to enter in their name, email address, and phone number in order to see the information displayed on that page. Once you have this info, even if the person doesn’t contact you or make a purchase, you have a means of nurturing this lead and guiding them through the sales funnel to ensure that you do ultimately make that sale. Make sure this form is easy, intuitive, and very user friendly. And don’t worry about putting off anyone with a request for personal info; if they aren’t willing to give it, they likely wouldn’t ever be a customer anyway. Since over 2/3rds of shopping carts are normally abandoned, this at least captures your leads and gives you a chance to make a sale at a later date.


Want to know more about how to turn your website into a conversion machine? Call us at 760-262-4252 or send an email and we can teach you how to become a money magnet.

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