The Proven Science Of Creating A Viral Infographic

The Proven Science Of Creating A Viral Infographic

Human beings are hardwired to be visual learners. As a species, we absorb visual data faster than any other form of transmitted information. This is precisely why visual content is currently experiencing such a massive surge in online popularity and why people love infographics so darn much.

When the term “infographics” is searched through Google, approximately 68 million results populate. This covers everything from infographics themselves, to different tools for creating them, to blog posts about infographics. So with this massive amount of digital noise surrounding the term, how does one make a viral splash?

We are infographic masters and we can help you hit the mark. Here are the necessary steps to go global with your next visual learning masterpiece.

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Step 1: Developing Shareable Content

The first step to generating a viral infographic is to identify a topic that will provide readers with useful and valuable data. What information do you possess that no one else has and that your audience would be interested in? Data and statistics are at the heart of the infographic’s potential to go viral.

Interesting information alone is not enough. You have to inspire people to share the infographic, achieved by striking an emotional chord. Readers need to feel attached to the material to feel inspired to share it. Whether it be through amusement, sadness, anger, or passion; the user must feel an emotional connection in order to push the content further down the viral road. Touch on this point immediately by crafting a captivating headline that ignites potential readers and continue to weave that emotional aspect throughout the piece.

Another must-have is a well-crafted call to action. CTA’s must be incorporated either at the beginning or end (or both) of the piece to make it easy for viewers to share. Remember that convenience should not be underestimated in today’s age of instant gratification.

Step 2: Designing a Captivating Infographic

If you’re going it alone on a super tight budget, check out sites like, and Piktochart. They can help you produce striking and effective visual content. Ideally, however, you’ll want to work with a designer who can customize the look and feel of your infographic directly for the target audience.

In order to stand out from the crowd, many folks are using innovation, like animation and audio elements. Additionally, don’t forget to slice and dice the finished product into socially shareable bite-sized chunks. You’ll get a lot more leverage out of your creation by promoting it across all your channels.

One obvious tip: Don’t forget to include clear branding on your infographic so folks know who is responsible for the valuable knowledge share.

Step 3: Social Sharing Schedule

Now that you have your finished product, have a very clear launch strategy. This should include media placement, if possible, a blog post or landing page on your site, and related descriptive copy (especially relevant for SEO purposes). And, of course, the all-important social shares. Platforms like HootsuiteBuffer, or SocialOomph will enable scheduled blasts and shares, so you can extend the reach and longevity of your content too.

Step 4: Submit Your Work to Directories

Did you know that there are directories specific to infographics? They are great resources for getting even more traffic and leverage from your creation. Some of the directories that you can post to are:

Free Bonus: Get 5 examples of creative infographics that we’ve made here at Evolve, to inspire your own viral infographic campaigns! Get them free here.

As much as people love visual content and usefully compelling statistics, it is still no easy feat to get material launched into the viral stratosphere. There is a lot of work behind the scenes to get your content global. If you’re ready to employ a dedicated, highly experienced team to your brand’s cause, we’d love to help. Drop us a line and we will join you in the mission to go viral.

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