The Most Powerful Instagram Marketing Hack

The Most Powerful Instagram Marketing Hack

Marketing on Instagram is a must for many brands these days. Instagram boasts more than 400 million users, stellar engagement stats, and can score you major authority and authenticity points with the younger generations, who dominate the platform. With new and improved ad features hitting the platform just a few months ago, advertisers from all over are looking to cash in on Instagram.

There is one major problem with the visually driven social network, however, and that is that links can’t be embedded in the posts sent out to your audience. This is a major hindrance when trying to drive traffic, promote a campaign, gain conversions, and reach just about any other goal outside of social. Yet Instagram is such a powerful platform that it simply cannot be ignored. So how can one drive marketing campaigns on Instagram without the ability to link to any materials outside of the bio section?

Mark Fidelman, Fanatics Media CEO, is back in a new marketing video to give you the details on a genius  Instagram marketing hack. Watch Mark share his insights on this method in just one minute.

Landing Pages within Instagram

When promoting a campaign on Instagram, one of the most useful things you can do is to set up a separate campaign profile. By providing a dedicated page for the campaign, you are able to promote through your main Instagram account and link to the page in posts from the primary channel. This will help to drive visitors to that particular landing page of the campaign.

Once people have arrived to that account, the profile link for the campaign page can link to any outside source you would like. As this profile is dedicated to the campaign alone, the profile link will always remain the same and will continue to generate traffic throughout the entirety of your promotional push.

One of the most compelling ways to get visitors to actually visit this dedicated page is through the use of an Instagram contest. Promote this through both accounts to drive audience members to the campaign page and from there utilize the profile link as a way for visitors to enter the promotion. The link can also be utilized to send traffic to other social accounts, content, and a myriad of other sources that will help your business earn more traffic, conversions, awareness, and ultimately, sales.

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