The Fastest Way To Build An Email Database: The Product Giveaway Hack

The Fastest Way To Build An Email Database: The Product Giveaway Hack

For most brands, when it comes to building email subscribers, awareness, and social followings, time is of the essence. The goal is to obtain the most substantial results possible, by reaching as many eyeballs as you can, in a relatively short window of time; not an easy task in today’s highly competitive environment.

Most brands live and die by their email subscribers. Assembling these lists is typically a time consuming process geared toward those with a more advanced skillset. This can be quite troublesome for smaller businesses and startups. And no matter how large your social following or how many people know of your brand, if you can’t capture emails, you’re in big trouble. Email marketing still reaches far more individuals than social media posts and obtains higher click-through rates. This form of communication still reigns as one of the dominant marketing tactics, due to its effectiveness. Despite its age, 57% of marketers plan to increase their email marketing budgets this year.

If you are in need of a powerful and expedient solution to gain subscribers and brand recognition, Fanatics Media CEO, Mark Fidelman, has you covered. Watch as Mark shares his fast-acting and refined hack to getting folks to fork over their emails. For even more details, read below.

The 3 Step Subscriber Hack

One of the best ways to entice individuals into supplying their contact info is through product giveaways. This strategy, however, is more precise than just blasting out a contest on social and hoping you end up with qualified leads.

Step 1

Start with identifying a prize that will only be relevant and beneficial to a specific audience that you want to attract. This will ensure that email addresses you obtain will be relevant and targeted toward a definitive crowd; one that is more likely to find interest in your product or service.

Step 2

Next, establish the type of event that you want to hold. This can be a photo submission or video contest, a sweepstakes, or whatever other kind of challenge that will resonate with this target audience. Just do be sure that whichever you select appeals to and engages the folks you are looking to attract.

Step 3

Lastly, you will need to partner with influential bloggers who are relevant to the industry. You may need to pay these individuals to promote your contest, but they will be able to spread the word faster than anyone.

Alternatively, you can partner with contest promoter bloggers like Rafflecopter to help circulate and socialize your giveaway. These solutions are often quite inexpensive, highly effective, and incorporate incentives for individuals to share the contest on social media, helping more people become privy to the game.

By following these 3 easy steps, you can build massive amounts of brand awareness, amplify your social followings to new heights, and construct a significant email database of qualified leads to nurture, and ultimately, convert.

Still need help getting scads of subscribers? Call us at 760-262-4252 or send an email to and let us help build your email list into one of your most powerful resources.

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