Marketing Strategies For Live Streaming On Social Media (Infographic)

Marketing Strategies For Live Streaming On Social Media (Infographic)

When you hear the words “live streaming”, you are immediately filled with a sense of urgency, a need to interact and to be a part of the content that’s being created in front of your very eyes. It’s the same reason why live news reports are so much more compelling than recorded videos, and it’s a concept that has now permeated our lives on social media.

Live streaming has existed for quite a few years but in a very fragmented form. Social networks like Snapchat have made a big deal out of promoting content which is deemed authentic. The kind of content which can only be viewed once, and which is often streamed live.

There is no denying that video is perhaps the single most important focal point for the vast majority of social media marketing strategies. People today watch videos for all kinds of reasons and from varied sources including sports events, news, entertainment, and even videos shared by family and friends.

Live streaming has the potential to tap into virtually all of those markets. For instance, a brand might use live streaming in order to promote a real-time event, allowing users to tap into that world without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

All of the major social networks are not only supporting live video but are investing more and more into it. Facebook, the current king of live videos, even invested in physical advertising (e.g. billboards) in order to promote live streaming to the world.

All of this information, and a lot more, can be found on this neat infographic by Filmora. Check it out to find out more about live streaming and how it can potentially help with your next marketing campaign.

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