Marketing Hacks: Acquire Hundreds Of Honest Product Reviews Fast

Marketing Hacks: Acquire Hundreds Of Honest Product Reviews Fast

More than half of online all consumers research product reviews before making a purchase. With more than 1.5 billion people connected to the internet, your honest business reviews can literally make or break your business. Most people won’t even consider buying a product unless there are enough four and five star reviews to back it up.

But how can a company bypass the slow and gradual process of gaining honest accolades and reviews?

At Fanatics Media, we can teach you how to amass hundreds of consumer validations in a relatively short amount of time. This can actually be done in a variety of ways, but none are more effective than this genius hack. Watch the video below, or just keep reading . . .

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most compelling and instrumental resources to building awareness, engagement, brand credence, and loads of sales. With this modality, socially influential people from any given niche are assembled to help promote a company, product, or service. Since these people are so trusted by their communities and possess immensely loyal followings, consumers are much more likely to try out or buy the offerings advertised. In fact, these types of campaigns work so well that companies everywhere are dumping more money than ever into influencer marketing.

Once Fanatics has completed an influencer marketing campaign for a brand, a survey known as a “net promoter score question” will be sent to the influencer’s followers to determine the consumers’ willingness to recommend the company’s products to others. Any person that scores a seven or above will then be invited into a community supported by the Influitive platform.

This is where the second phase of the campaign takes place – and it’s the crucial step that starts to amass those much-coveted reviews.

Advocacy Marketing

Advocacy marketing is new, but it has been proven to be highly effect. This form of marketing turns consumers into true believers of a brand’s vision. This tactic is essentially the process of leveraging existing customers to recruit new prospects through peer-to-peer interaction.

Once the high-scoring followers from the influencer campaign have been brought into the community, they are provoked through a series of contests, challenges, related calls-to-action, and other means of gamification to write product reviews on Amazon or other retail sites. Since these folks scored a seven or higher on the net promoter score question, we already know that they love the product and it is virtually guaranteed to translate into an abundance of outstanding reviews.

The possibilities of influencer and advocacy marketing are nearly endless. When it comes to generating amazing yet honest product reviews, this method works like a charm. If your brand can’t sit around and wait to build up the reams of reviews necessary to gain consumer trust, then give us a call at 760-262-4252 or send an email to and we can get those reviews rolling, lickity-split.

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