Influencer Mapping: The Mainstay of a Successful Marketing Strategy

Influencer Mapping: The Mainstay of a Successful Marketing Strategy

Are your brand influencers giving you the desired share of voice on social media? Here’s how you can utilize the power of influencer mapping to maximize the returns on your marketing investments.

Today we are witnessing a substantial rise in influencer marketing, where social media is the kingdom and influencers are the gracious kings and queens that the followers look up to. These influencers are not limited to the premium category of celebrities anymore – an influencer can be anyone from a biker with 100K followers to a local gardener with 10K followers. This is precisely why you need an efficient system for finding the right influencer to help you promote your brand, and influencer mapping can do just that.

Essentially, influencer mapping allows you to visualize a relationship between the influencers in a defined data set. A set of influencers could be interconnected; however, you may also find individuals beyond these connections that may help you expand your brand’s share of voice to an audience that is difficult to reach. Influencer mapping enables you to find the right influencers that can reach your target audience to support your marketing campaign.

Influencer mapping is essential because it helps you to:

  1. Find and Analyze Influencers

Finding influencers that share your brand’s vision is not enough. Influencer mapping facilitates collaboration with genuine influencers by analyzing their ability to help you reach your target audience with the desired brand messaging and ‘influence’ them to buy your product. This is the first step in funneling your social network.

  1. Compare The Impact Made by Influencers

Once you have discovered the influencers that are right for your campaign, you’d want to test and measure their influence, i.e., the difference that each influencer can make to the users’ opinions and buying decisions. Influencer mapping lets you A/B test several influencer marketing campaigns simultaneously and studies the impact of each of these campaigns. This will help you narrow down on a set of influencers that are more viable to your success.

  1. Expand Your Reach Through Influencers

It is possible to know the exact audience that your influencers can influence. That’s right. While it is easy to assume that you have reached out to the entire audience of your target influencers which corresponds to yours, you might still be missing out on certain potential customers. Influencer mapping helps you locate and get various relevant influencers on your roster and view their audiences. This will reveal hidden potential customers for your brand or product, thus generating more leads and higher revenue.


How To Go About Influencer Mapping?

To do influencer mapping for your marketing campaign, place the goal at the center of your influencer map. The goal could be anything from brand awareness, higher reach to increasing sales. Now group your influencers based on their characteristics like online authority, level of influence, and overall social media footprint. The level of influence can be measured by 3 fundamental indicators:

  1. Relevance – Common characteristics between the influencer, your potential buyers, and your business domain
  2. Reach – The number of people that the influencer can reach through their follower base
  3. Resonance – The level of engagement that the influencer can generate with the target audience

After grouping, map these influencers to the goals you have set depending on the importance of the influencer in achieving that goal. Also, get an idea of the flow of influence. The influencers that will be key to your success will be the ones with high-quality influencing power. Finally, plan your influencer outreach strategy and conduct the campaign with your top influencers.

A strong influencer marketing strategy should have set KPIs, for example, quality of audience reached, new followers gained, audience engagement, number of views, traffic redirected to buy your product, increase in revenue, and price per ticket.

Influencer marketing is here to stay, but you can remain ahead of the game with an intelligent tool to help you with precise influencer mapping for your brand campaign. Data-driven marketers rely on influencer marketing software to streamline the process. This includes searching relevant influencers, vetting audience demographics, managing campaigns, delivering valuable content, and measuring the performance. Overall, using influencer marketing software can significantly improve the engagement quality of your brand.


Author Bio:
Rachel Smith is a communication executive who works with the content marketing team at Affable, an influencer marketing company that provides AI-driven solutions that allows you to plan and execute your influencer campaigns strategically. She develops content around social media and marketing topics that can help her readers understand how to pick the right influencers, measure their impact, and run effective influencer campaigns. In her free time, she loves meeting new people and attending workshops on communication and psychology.

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