Increase Your Twitter Engagement By 500%

Increase Your Twitter Engagement By 500%

Social engagement is a pivotal part of growing your audience, developing brand loyalty, and turning customers into true brand advocates. But scheduling tweets for every day of the week is a rather time consuming process, and if your engagement numbers are in the dumps, it might not even seem worth it at times. More than that, generating stellar engagement numbers is getting more difficult by the day as social sites like Facebook and Twitter enact changes that weaken marketing efforts.

As with any challenge that feels too difficult to muscle your way through, let’s turn to performance enhancing marketing tools to give us a little juice.

Recently, Fanatics Media CEO, Mark Fidelman, uncovered an incredible tool that was able to boost his Twitter engagement scores by a whopping 500%. Watch as Mark gives the scoop on this awesome offering and how it works in just 60 seconds.

If you want a little more in-depth information, keep on reading.

Enhancing Engagement

One of the main problems with engagement on Twitter is that a tiny percentage of your audience actually sees the tweets you post. But there’s a tool that can help change that. With TweetJukebox, users simply upload their already-existing tweets, brand new ones, or all of them into a “jukebox”. Then you establish how often you would like it to send out the messages on Twitter; TweetJukebox will then follow the structure you set forth. The system will continually cycle tweets so that no matter if when your followers are online, day or night, they will reach your audience. Thousands of tweets can be uploaded and when TweetJukebox runs out of tweets to post, it will simply run through the cycle again so that your audience is constantly engaged.

TweetJukebox also provides users with more than 200 free quotes that can be sent out as tweets. The system can even send out thank you tweets when another user mentions you, annual birthday tweets, and many more scheduled events. For those that mention you, the software will collect these postings automatically and store it in your database. It even provides a “mention graph” and metrics on who your top promotors are.

With TweetJukebox, you never have to worry about scheduling tweets, frequency of posts, or low engagement ever again.

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