How To Stand Out From The Crowd On Amazon

How To Stand Out From The Crowd On Amazon

While it may have started as a small bookseller, Amazon now accounts for nearly half of the American e-commerce market. No matter what you sell, you can find a way to use Amazon’s tools to increase your marketability. Its suite of advertising tools and options is unmatched when combined with its unique outreach.

On the other hand, its dominance in the market also means that you’ll face stiff competition. Just as a Facebook marketing firm relies on unique content to attract users, so do vendors on Amazon. E-commerce businesses need to do more than ever to stand out from the crowd and attract traffic—and with 16% growth in 2017, that trend is only getting stronger. Read on to learn the best ways of utilizing Amazon to increase sales.

Answer Questions

Most e-commerce vendors are focused on improving their copy and advertising techniques (more on that later). However, one easy way to reach out to your customers is simply to answer questions on your product page.

Consumers will often leave questions asking for clarification about an item, and taking the time to reply adds a personal touch. It also serves to answer the question for future customers.

Take WHOOSH as an example. They added an FAQ section using extra space on their product detail page, which led to a 170.4 percent increase in sales. By including this information right on their product page, they increased their conversion rate by instilling greater trust with shoppers and increasing the amount of information available to potential buyers.

Use Images to Your Advantage

Amazon only requires a single product image that clearly shows the item on a plain white background. However, you’ll be able to add between 5 and 9 total product images on your item’s page. This gives you the opportunity to showcase important features or details that aren’t clearly displayed in the main photo.

All photos should be 2000 x 2000 resolution, allowing users to zoom in with precise detail. Consider adding shots of things like nutritional information, size comparisons, comparisons to competing products, or of the item from a variety of angles.

Like answering customer questions, using all the image slots available should serve as another way to give viewers all the information they need to make an informed purchase.

Focus on Copy

Regardless of what you’re selling, it’s likely that a customer looking for your product will see several similar items while browsing on Amazon. In addition to an eye-catching main photo, your product should be accompanied by concise, sleek copy that attracts attention. Make sure to add all relevant information upfront, including size, color, brand, and the like.

A good product title should contain keywords related to the item, helping it appear higher in the search results. Additionally, it should give interested customers pertinent information at a glance, allowing them to see what you’re selling before they click on it. When your item is one of 20 on the page, having strong copy goes a long way.

A Working Example of Best Practices for Selling on Amazon

Before Seventh Generation, a Vermont-based personal care and cleaning business, began bidding on keywords and aggressively updating its Amazon marketing tactics, it was struggling to scale and increase sales. Simply adjusting its content strategy led to a 47 percent lower advertising cost of sale and 441 percent more sales.

A good Amazon marketing strategy incorporates multiple facets. Not only is copy key, but also optimizing continuously and adjusting your approach is essential. Seventh Generation focused on modifying their product pages according to consumer preferences based on keyword research. Take a similar, research-based approach to your own strategy, while also experimenting with features like an FAQ section and vivid imagery.
Amazon marketing can be daunting, especially with so many businesses in the market. But it can also provide amazing results when used correctly. There are approximately 54 million active Amazon Prime accounts, showing the incredible outreach opportunities the website offers. By following these tips and focusing on your product’s strength, you’ll be well on your way to improving your ROI.

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