How To Master Podcast Marketing

How To Master Podcast Marketing

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Mark Fidelman, Nedko Nedkov

Hello everyone, welcome to the digital brand builder podcast. Today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite subjects, obviously, because I’ve got a podcast, I’ve got a couple, actually, a couple more in the works. But that’s a subject for the future. So we’re going to talk about, okay, you’ve got a podcast, how do you do influencer marketing on podcasts, how do you find brand ambassadors, how do you advertise on podcasts, to reach your target audience so we’re gonna talk about all these subjects and more with somebody that joined is joining us all the way from Eastern Europe. His name is Nedko, Ned cough. And besides, only having one letter difference in his first and last name, which we’ll get into real quickly. I would like to introduce Nedko to the show and Nedko Please give us kind of 100 word or less bio about yourself.

Nedko Nedkov  04:18

Thank you for joining me on this phone. All right, so I’m with my teenage years, and I’ve been outsourcing for search engine rankings for, like, 1012 years ago with the agency for one party. And over the years I started to get more involved into beta for passing, I was co founder in small contextual network. And over time, I really started to get more patient around pricing in startups. And that’s how we started our first project from birth as a first startup which is website supervising marketplace and over the years we were learning, and in 2020 20 we were stuck at home. As the whole world and stuck at home and. And that’s when actually we, we, I’ve been listening way more on podcasts and it’s started to become like a great medium for me very interesting. And so, at some point we decided to be both our main project and two ends we start, and we build atheism, with, which became like our really focus for 2020 and it was like really great and we’re starting to feel like momentum from the market.

Mark Fidelman  05:42

Okay. So, yeah, what better medium than podcasts, while we’re all at home, or most of us are at home, especially in our line of work, and so easy to do. I mean I’m talking to you from Bulgaria, and I’m in San Diego. So it’s, it’s kind of the perfect medium for marketers. If you know how to use it well. And that’s the big the big question mark that we’re going to get into. Now, Nedko


about that name

Mark Fidelman  06:10

of yours so how did you Was this something that your parents did on purpose, or how does that, how does that work.

Nedko Nedkov  06:19

All right. So it’s a tradition in Bulgaria, to leave like the grants chance to be named after the grandfather, especially the first kids like if at some point after the grandfather if it’s a girl after the grandmother. And actually, my grandfather’s name is Nedko, as well, but we put all v spam in the name, so that’s how it began. Medium, like my father is medium. But my grandfather is Nedko, and so I started for you family language you can save. Got it so

Mark Fidelman  06:57

that that makes a lot of sense I thought maybe you’re going for like the one you know how celebrities are referred to by just the first name.

Nedko Nedkov  07:10

Okay. My grandson’s parents loved me so much and helps us over the years.

Mark Fidelman  07:17

Right. Okay, so let’s jump right in. So, let’s say somebody listening to this either wants to, you know, reach influencers on their podcast or advertise on podcast if they’re a brand on an influencers podcast. What is it that you, you do, and how do you do it

Nedko Nedkov  07:46

on your sponsorship sponsorships marketplace where it’s mostly for cost data. So we connect brands and influencer marketing agencies with, with most relevant podcasts, based on like context so right now and we are working on. when we are onboarding podcast with their audience and I will sit down in August.

Mark Fidelman  08:10

But, before you move on how do you do that is it is it an AI technology or, or is it manual.

Nedko Nedkov  08:17

So it’s, it’s, machine learning. And so, yeah, we are, we are working on AI and to you. Like, right now it’s based mostly based on search engine matching, and phone categories,

Mark Fidelman  08:32

should you you’ve categorized all the podcasts are out there is it is that what you’ve done it

Nedko Nedkov  08:36

those are like the most popular 20,000 podcasts, and they’re all categorized. And then we also added on that our machine learning model where we have like search engine, which searches between titles, descriptions and smart tags that we work on, because the sample cost needs more more context standards, and all this and so right now it’s connecting it’s sorting them based on based on searching on category. And then we are working on filtering part which is going to help you on on the secondary level to filter those, the results that you get from the searcher category into filtering by downloads, and by audience details and pricing, at some point when we onboard enough podcasts.

Mark Fidelman  09:37

Okay, so you do a lot so what’s the peer to peer advertising aspect of this.

Nedko Nedkov  09:43

Yeah. Okay. So, we are more focused, not so much on programmatic advertising, like we’re more focused on coffee that’s where we literally, where we meet and you can see me, because we are peer to peer and we’re really living into, like, open infrastructures and direct communication between the podcast host or the agency that represents the podcast, and the brands. And we really connect to the both sides to communicate directly. They should be already offers from the podcast, but also they can make a custom offer for the professor after discussion, they get like direct messaging system in the marketplace, and then we support with the escrow with the sale and with feedback on on the sale of the, of the delivery of the podcast I need the outtakes for here, we do the escrow part where once the podcast is is written and uploaded, when you share the link with the advertiser then the money unlocks and both sides are happy because the, the receive the product is yours. Changes gear to gear works best for you can say, like, you know, probably fiber. Right, trying. Yeah, we’re trying to build like fiber for podcasts where we connect the both sides and really let them do

Mark Fidelman  11:24

as they want. So, you probably is it, it’s different than that.

Nedko Nedkov  11:29

Yeah, matchmaker is more like for interviews and it’s really matching both sides also another one is also great fun. Those are more like for finding gifts and finding podcasts to participate with us it’s more like you’re looking for sponsorship maybe paid, interviews, will be an option. It really depends on the podcast because he can list, any kind of offer really from the regular Ferrero Vidro and also to sponsorship and to whatever entity alone is much better, as, as a podcast your audience is, you know way more loyal and interested to you and to what you have to say. And if you if you vote for some product or brand or whatever, if there would be way more trust and interest for the audience to check it out. Instead, if it’s a commercial. So that is what we are focusing on. And to get the podcast to really engage with his audience and to to do a direct sponsorship reading, or implemented as he decides and podcast.

Mark Fidelman  12:42

Okay. Okay, so now that we got that covered, I want to talk about other ways that podcasters like myself and other, let’s say brands or marketers that want to collaborate with podcasts. What other strategies or tactics do you recommend people do.

Nedko Nedkov  13:03

I believe there is a emerging trend as on the publisher side, there are more podcasts growing, same time over two brands started to understand end to end, they listen probably themselves, but also, they started to understand how great and loyal yes on the podcast, so they also start to build on their site like brand ambassador programs, usually it’s like some, some pretty creative creative, or, or content, which the influencer the podcasts can really join with them and share to its audience and they like commission based. And this is really a great model because it’s a win win for both sides since you know it’s it’s really adult engaging too much time and not in too much bang for the podcast to figure out like content creators and all this because it’s already, and in the same time the brand can work with a much wider audience with more podcasts, which it wouldn’t be able to afford to take it to the director, but I think this is a great model for science. Also, I, I think that there are there are some affiliate networks out there that may accept influencers might think and those influencers. Friendly affiliate networks, they also accept so they also should not have to accept like different podcasts. That’s another thing that can work also. And so, pretty much that’s the, the level that I think is the best model right now also another, another thing that can work is there were two Facebook groups that much focus to brands like because search in Google search. When service to grant matching, and the work that they’re talking mostly about Instagram places. The when they hear about, like, ask them what what do you think about podcasts, medium, and they’re like, Oh, tell me more. It sounds interesting. So that’s another thing to think where the, the presence marketing, like instagramers and all those are already presented, and to try to cover there and be there for the podcast, same time for brand says it’s dope music too late to start implementing like their strategy that they already use for influencer marketing like they use different tools like ninja outreach buzzsumo and all those to automate outreach into Instagram influencers, but there are no such, not so many such tools for podcasts right now. So you need to be a little bit more creative here, and that’s why we are working on that part to onboard as many podcasters so we can match the both sides. And that, that is another thing that the brands can start with work Kion, I believe, will be very helpful with outreaching protests and campaigns and take them literally, sort of, like, with over dizer with us, they can solve, like the most famous few hundred podcasts per category. And then, of course, it needs some more manual, time to to verify to browse through those profiles and figure out like which two pairs of them make more sense for your brand, and then you can literally have to outreach them, that that’s the kind of possible podcast because it’s, you know, very decentralized medium. So it’s, it’s not only, you never know if they use like websites or email or Twitter. So that’s something that takes a little bit more time and we turn that into a service program. Also, and it’s like you have coverage on, like, the most popular podcast in the foundation of this on two channels like email and website, your Facebook and Twitter, or email to make sure they hear you, because some of them like if maybe sometimes legions to to represent them and all this, so you need to gather the unit together at least two touch points with them. And then, based on, like, you have to research more on, like, the engagement of the audience, and to see like rankings. That’s another thing that is good to do like crossmatch rankings from a PayPal teacher and different tabs at charitable. And then the chat bubble you can even see your rankings and how they go up and up, and they’ll come, and then you cross match those details and also if you see there. Let’s say like on even just 20 podcasts, let’s say, episodes, if you start to see emerging reviews, it means that the content is very interesting to know audience. So those are like the podcast that have both reviews and, and the episodes grow over time. Those are the best parts to reach and if it’s like 20 to 50 results and kept like in reviews or something like this it’s it’s great to fall pitch because those are like mid size, podcasts, and those are the best last two to start working on because I believe the influencers marketing at the home, and podcasts marketing is saying is like PR campaign you know if it’s better to, we’d like to do like one term campaign, which is like few months maybe campaign where you build up where you build up with a few podcasts, a week and and build up because you. You learn a lot more about what content converts and. And you can build, much better content over time and to build much better momentum with, with less investment you know with smaller podcasts and then to grow up to the bigger ones. And the. Think about this, you need to customize a little bit more about tracking with the podcast, so maybe here, you’ll give me also like ideas like what what will be the, the best model will be with, like, coupon codes maybe like one vouching for some reason or another way we figured out overtime was like custom domain, because it’s very hard to, like, but maybe the coupon code makes more sense to be able to track like performance and or ROI. And another thing is to make like social campaigns to move to channel you know like if you make. Let’s say some campaign for winter season, or some specific moment. You can you can make it can make a multi channel campaign where you share it on social networks, but you also do podcasters to bring the podcast audience to the social channels to participate share, like or whatever, and this way you can make much, much better social presence with covered by the podcast, so it’s really to cross match and to do babyface think like, for, for a few months really not you know not to split the whole, not to blow the whole visit in a week. For some, yeah. Split it with smaller podcasters with smaller recording plants as people called test day you can learn so much more. And,

Mark Fidelman  21:32

you know, when you compare it to something like video, or other forms of marketing. What, why should people care about podcast.

Nedko Nedkov  21:40

Alright, so I think the podcast is way more personal. Not communication, but you can also almost Save as a communication website. Because it’s the listener serve so much more interested to listen to the podcasts, like episode after episode. While when you do with video, you literally search in YouTube, and you like for a few minutes, or you watch for a few minutes at the most, that they you leave for watch another video well on the podcast you’re really focused for 15 minutes and more. So, I believe the CPM thing here in the podcast should not be compared to the CPM in website at all. Even in Instagram it’s yellow nice pictures, which make a lot of see again but fairly engagement is really well, and there is no way to go against it’s really just likes and that’s all while on the podcast is really very interested audience into what the podcaster has to say something really for Pro with his coaching for brands and for some campaign. It could be way more personal.


Yeah. Okay. And then

Mark Fidelman  23:06

I get that is the only problem I have a podcast and obviously I wrong one, is that it’s harder to click on something unless you’re at the show notes, you can remember, and people can repeat your website, over and over again. But I think, you know, from my perspective it’s it’s a harder conversion, but it’s a better branding opportunity, it allows people to get to know you better especially if you’re consistent

Nedko Nedkov  23:33

awareness, but on a personal level you can see this way. And also you can, if you make like campaign based you can really use a custom domain or something to make it more, but maybe the best way will be also to to cross the cross match or how to say you know like make a campaign, like, easy to remember will campaign which is on Facebook and promoted on the podcast. To you make you make a viral campaign this way is, instead of, you know, just seeing the domain and then it really depends on the, on the product. If it’s a. Yeah, it’s a b2c product is better to make more social campaigns and to make more brand awareness, but if it’s, let’s say, important informative product like software or something, then it’s probably better to to use a coupon code and, like, try different kinds of trial campaigns.

Mark Fidelman  24:37

Yeah. Okay. All right. And so we’ve covered a lot with the podcast, especially as it pertains to marketers and how you take advantage of them. Is there anything else that you like about podcasts that make it a better either advertising or marketing, median, medium, or channel at your eyes.

Nedko Nedkov  25:02

I think it’s the best thinker on podcast is first it’s really personal and engagement audience in a much different way. And the second thing is really, it’s emerging major. So it really will be growing over the time like I am looking at the market are in dire prognosis and it’s like, growing like 20 30%, per year on listening, our civil war just come on listeners. And I believe this will be really growing up, and they’re like, 800 thousands if not, maybe 1 million active podcasts, right now, and there will be just growing because they’re like 15 million. You YouTube channel so you know they have to grow way more with the podcasts, and then they’re saying the monetization works mostly for the first 10 to 20,000, bucks. So there is a lot of opportunities for from small businesses to bigger brands really to do much with focus and to build. Win Win partnerships and commissions or giveaways campaigns, or of course on YouTube. Excellent.

Mark Fidelman  26:24

All right, well, we are going to wrap things up, Nedko, but we before we do, we always have two questions. The first one is what is the hottest digital marketing technology that you are recommending your clients friends family.

Nedko Nedkov  26:44

That’s a good question. Let’s say, for I believe that the technology that is most underestimated even by small business because they think it’s too complicated is really required for instance, let’s say, like, even Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube fans. Tick Tock Avon and podcast, because I believe that the main thing about small businesses that they don’t produce enough content so they can start building killer quality content, and for them to communicate it properly. You know to to through the social networks through podcasts and participation because this is something that you can do almost freely, you know, and it can really bring your work more brand awareness and to show your understanding to show who you are and the clients will find your own so I think this is the main thing, which gets me to influencers and to build more content. Okay, and

Mark Fidelman  27:56

what our second question usually is and we’re gonna stick with it is, who is the most influential person in marketing today.


All right.

Nedko Nedkov  28:10

Got it. For me, it’s really interesting it’s like my marketing. I don’t you can say Seth Godin, I really like his daily newsletter and everything else. And so those are like the most, most famous ones I can see. Okay.

Mark Fidelman  28:31

Yeah, I mean those are two of the standards set, Gary Gary’s more in the, in the weeds, too I like him a little bit better. Seth is more strategic. But, but, but both combined. They’re good. Right. Yeah.


Cool. All right, well, we are

Mark Fidelman  28:54

going to wrap things up. But before we do, where can people find you and by the way, go check out pod vert Iser spell pod VTIZ are calm, and you could check out his peer to peer podcast sponsorship marketplace. But other than that, where do people find you online.

Nedko Nedkov  29:20

You can also find me on LinkedIn, on Twitter. Yeah, by name, you can find. Connect. Yeah. All right. All right, so remember the name, but that’s, that’s a great thing go out go see the left to my names again.

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