How To Increase Your YouTube Subscribers By 400%

How To Increase Your YouTube Subscribers By 400%

Video content is beginning to dominate virtually every online portal these days. Head to Twitter, and you’ll inevitably see a Periscope broadcast promoted. Move to Facebook, and you are likely to have numerous notifications on how “so-and-so is now live.” And everyone’s favorite video service, YouTube, the second largest search engine on the planet, integrates with nearly every platform imaginable making it inescapable at times.

This, combined with the fact that YouTube stars are often far more beloved than more traditional celebrities by younger generations, means there are massive benefits to be gained from the platforms for years to come.

Despite the fact that video is soon to take over as the most sought after form of content, a recent study conducted by Thrive Analytics revealed that only 9% of small businesses are leveraging the power of YouTube. Considering video’s popularity, the continual views videos accrue on the platform, and the unbridled power of YouTube as it relates to conversions, this is a massive flub on the part of business owners and marketers everywhere.

Even if you are present on the video sharing site, you have probably noticed that it can be a challenging endeavor to gain subscribers in such a noisy, cluttered, and competitive environment.

In this week’s marketing hacks video, Fanatics Media CEO, Mark Fidelman, shares his inside secret to increasing a channel’s subscribers by an astonishing 400%. Watch as Mark divulges this information in just 90 seconds, or just read below.

A Surge in Subscribers

When it comes to breaking into a community of influencers, you must first start by referencing them in your videos. You have to show that not only are you paying attention to the conversation at hand, but that you also care about these people’s followings and are willing to lend a hand in raising awareness.

After developing some authority of your own and reaching a point where you feel comfortable and confident in reaching out to another influencer, send them a message asking them to help promote your channel as you have been promoting theirs.

Anytime you send your channel’s URL to a influencer, your audience, or anyone else, include the phrase, “?sub_confirmation=1” minus the quotation marks. What this does is creates pop-        up for that page which will ask the person to “subscribe” or “not subscribe” in order to view the content.

Adding this simple element to your channel’s page URL will help to gain a bevy more subscribers as many will be happy to support your channel when presented with a wall that must be passed in order to watch videos. The best part about this hack is that it requires next to zero effort and works incredibly well.

Need help getting your YouTube channel out to the masses? Call us at 760-262-4252 or send an email and let us help turn you into the next YouTube celebrity.

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