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How to Create a High Performing Affiliate Marketing Program

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Jose Quiroz, Mark Fidelman

Jose Quiroz  00:00

tgw partnerships in their Best Buy’s, some of the affiliate partnerships our strategic partnerships, you know,

Mark Fidelman  00:05

okay, that’s fine. Why don’t we do that and you pronounce your name, Jose Queiroz, you don’t get a rose. Okay, you’re gonna force me to provide my San Diego version of a Hispanic accent,


you could say,

Mark Fidelman  00:18

and then that’s my new Jose kiddos kiddos. Well, dude, you’re gonna you’re gonna not do as well. All right, well if you’re ready, because you’ve been so patiently waiting. I’m going to kick things off.

Jose Quiroz  00:35

Yeah, I’m ready for that I do have a question. I’m going to have time at the end of it, when is this going to be scheduled to go out just like

Mark Fidelman  00:41

a probably a week, you know, we’ll always within the week.


Okay. Yeah, yeah.

Mark Fidelman  00:48

Okay, are you ready I’m going to pause for two seconds, and then I’m going to jump right in. Hello everyone, welcome to the digital brand builder podcast today. Joining me is Jose kiddos. And Jose is Managing Director of Digital Content day. And today, Jose and I are going to talk about a new subject, one of my favorite subjects, and one that we haven’t done on the show because it’s a little complicated. I can’t wait to dive into this it’s on affiliate marketing. And we’ll also kind of sprinkle in you know how you make those partnerships more strategic and Jose is going to walk us through all of that. So, with that, Jose, welcome to the show, and if you can, in 200 words or less give us a little bit of information about yourself.

Jose Quiroz  01:41

Sure, sure. So, thank you for having me and you nailed it on the pronunciation. I know we were joking, before we hit record after 50

Mark Fidelman  01:48

times trying Yes,


you hit it on the head.

Jose Quiroz  01:53

But you know, you kind of summed it up. I actually have two titles Managing Director of Digital command thing, and owner of my own digital agency called Tiki DOS, and they both serve different purposes and will kind of get into that today but really I like to consider myself an immigrant, I’m a lot of people trying to coin me as an entrepreneur, but the entrepreneur in me came from immigrants, you create your own opportunities, in a sense, and I started my career at the corporate level doing digital marketing coordinating and project management started my own agency locally did really well, held on to a corporate client and then shifted all my focus to corporate medium and large sized businesses. I’ve been called a digital architect. I can provide digital blueprints digital contractor and really. My specialty is unlike any other agency out there social media agency website is etc is I partnered closely with the owner, the founder or the CEO to help them understand the digital world, because there is a. They get a sense of relief when I come in and I’m able to break down the strategies break down the vernacular and the vocabulary the opportunities in front of them in the digital world because they feel like it’s gone a little way out of their out of their wheelhouse right because they’re so focused on to their business. So, in a nutshell, that’s kind of what I do. I’ve been in digital for a little under a decade. And I love this world.

Mark Fidelman  03:12

Well, I do too. Obviously, and you know one thing I tell you know people that I work with, in a lot of them I try to get to do affiliate marketing but it’s, I think they have this image of just these hacks that are out there on YouTube and maybe a blog that you know put up banner ads here and there, and they think that’s affiliate marketing and they don’t see, you know, The other side of things, the things I see and probably what you see, there’s some real professionals out there that know how to use Facebook and landing pages and that’s all they do day in and day out and they’re just masters at it, and they’re always on top of what’s new and what’s working, that group of people I like to work with now there’s the whole underbelly to I’d say 8070 to 80% of these affiliates are bad actors and they’re, they’re doing bad things. blackhat type of things or even white hat and not being ethical on how they’re getting people to sign up for things or to buy things but we’re gonna dive into that slowly so what can you just basically lay the foundation for affiliate marketing and why it’s important that people use affiliates in, let’s just start with that.


Sure, sure.

Jose Quiroz  04:22

So, the first thing I would want to start with is letting folks know that you got to keep up with the right perspective and digital, a lot of businesses or entrepreneurs, etc. They put digital tactics first before their business strategy. So define your business strategy first before you start bringing in a digital tactic. That’s the first thing I want to start off with but when it’s so when it comes to affiliates. And one of the reasons why we dug into that was because one of my clients nationwide retailer about 100 stores nationwide. They were building their e commerce platform, platform. And the challenge was how do we grow this how do we grow traffic and revenue. With this little budget as possible with damn near zero dollars right. So, before us, it became affiliate marketing became a really important play because it’s a performance marketing strategy and a performance marketing strategy means that you don’t come up with a from budget you pay out after the performance has happened after the sale has been made, the conversion, the contact, whatever it is that the result that we’re hoping for. We’re paying for that once that happens and not necessarily saying here’s 5000 years $10,000 a month, go free me some sales it’s corporate me some cells and I’ll pay you out when it comes to this so I think that’s the very first reason why businesses should consider affiliate marketing because it’s a pay per performance and you don’t come up right up front, at a budget. That’s, that’s, to me it is the most important kind of reason why. Then, when you’re going to start to dig into affiliate marketing you want to ask yourself two questions. One, do I have the technical know how or resources to build an affiliate program in house. Using third party software’s technologies developers, or is it more efficient for me to find affiliate partner, someone like a racket tan viglink, skimlinks, you know all of these different companies that solely focus that now these companies are middlemen right they’re gonna. You’re the retailer you’re the brand you’re the company. They’re gonna connect you with the affiliate, and obviously they get paid a commission on that relationship and any technology that they have on tracking etc. So, start there as well as an organization. Do I have the tech know how to do it in house if so you’re going to need to understand that you’re going to have to track pixels and conversions and payouts and all that good stuff. Or can I partner up with a vendor, who’s already established has the platform and could do this for me in a sense,

Mark Fidelman  06:43

well I mean the, I mean that’s a great question Do you want a middleman or you want to do it yourself. Can’t you do it yourself and then use a platform like impact radius, that tracks all of that, or you still suggest that use a middleman because you don’t have the resources in house to kind of optimize it and make it work.

Jose Quiroz  07:00

You pretty much gave my answer. Because at the end of the day it’s business right and so it’s been really critical on critical thinking on. Do I have the resources to actually make this happen and maybe you can start off in house small, maybe run a pilot program three four or five different affiliates you want to work with, and then start to scale it up and get to the point where Okay, I’m managing 100 different relationships. I don’t have it, I need a third party, then you can go that that route. But yeah, again it just really starts with that if, if I’m talking to a medium, large sized business I typically tell them hey just find a partner because for example, one of my clients as well for their e commerce we have about 150 affiliates that we work with on a day to day basis. And some of these affiliates are massive retail not offers calm, etc. You’re not going to be able to manage that relationship one on one, you need a third party. mitigator for that because they have a relationship with them, so kind of just depends. Okay.

Mark Fidelman  07:56

Um, so let’s say I have a clothing company. I don’t have the resources to do affiliate marketing on my own, but I want to take advantage of a no brainer, which is finding affiliates, maybe they’re fashion affiliates or maybe they’re just damn good professional affiliates to help me market, my new clothing line that’s coming out. So, is there a circumstance where you could see me doing it myself because there’s a platform so good it’s just so easy, or would you recommend to that company. Hey, get a middleman. You know one of the ones that you mentioned and I don’t know if you have one specific to retail, but get a middleman because you can learn from them, and then if you feel like it’s strategic enough you can bring it in house.

Jose Quiroz  08:42

Yeah. Yeah, that’s a good question. So, um, to answer your question on a retail affiliate bracketing is the leading, I believe in retail affiliate because again they do retailmenot offers.com honey all these different Groupon, all this good stuff. Um, there is a scenario where you can do it yourself with Shopify and Shopify plus they have the ability to create affiliate tracking within the platform itself, which is typically the biggest hurdle to overcome, is the tracking, because you want to make sure that you’re crediting the sale to the correct publisher or affiliate you’re paying out the right, points because now you’re talking about your margin right and how that’s gonna affect your margin that’s something you have to consider too. I have XML profit margin on my product. If I have to give five to 10 15% of it, where does that leave me. Um, so again, these are all things that when you get a third party it helps because they can help you probe these questions and define these questions but if you’re going to do it individually, I would say that you go to something like a Shopify or whatever, e commerce platform you’re using see if they have the ability to do tracking custom tracking for you with some development support or have an in house developer. And then after that your main your day to day when it comes to affiliate marketing is going to be relationship management. So, I’ll give you an example, with our retail client we compete up against Nike. Finish Line Adidas footlocker these massive billion dollar athletic and apparel and sneaker companies, we’re we’re, we’re competing with them for the same affiliates, because it’s the sneaker bloggers is the guy that has seen 200,000 Twitter followers who just has sneaker news all day long. Those guys they’re paying out much heavier right they’re paying anything from 15% to a 25% Commission. We’re coming in and offering five to 7%. How do we stay competitive by maintaining those relationships consistently reaching out to those affiliates, making sure that weren’t top of their inbox top of their mind. And so then there’d be more willing to support, and then also add also another thing that people would see as a as an issue is actually it’s actually a positive for us because Nike, Adidas etc and these brands are going to sell out much quicker. And so those affiliates are going to have less probability of actually getting a commission on them. So when they work with us. It’s a higher probability they’re gonna get a commission on it because we’re not going to sell out as fast as the competitor but we can still pay them out. So, if you were going to do it yourself. I would say one, whatever ecommerce platform you’re using inquire and see if they have some kind of tracking that you can do so you can build a affiliate program within your platform. If they don’t look for a third party software that can do it again. It’s all about alleviating as much overhead or store dependencies on you as the as the owner was organization. So if there’s a third party software that could almost plug and play. Or if you have developments inside that you can keep the tracking then great. Once you have that set up tested all that good stuff. Then you’re going to want to find your list of folks. And one of the ways that you’re going to manage that is let’s say you have five of them, you’re going to run a campaign with them for about 30 days, and you’re going to analyze the results, who’s bringing more traffic who’s bringing in more conversions etc. You know the top two producers move on the three day replace with someone else. And you go and you go and you go until six months or a year from now you’re gonna have a solid group of affiliates who are diehard we’re producing an or LP you really really grow.

Mark Fidelman  12:05

Wow. Okay, well great advice so. All right, now let’s get into you’ve either hired a third party or you’ve done it yourself, how do you make sure that you’re getting the best affiliates possible represent your brand, and they’re working in a way that is ethical.

Jose Quiroz  12:24

Yeah, one of the good. So, typically when you’re going with a third party ethical kind of ethical question gets resolved right because they have a submission process through them, and they have a validating process and they even have the ability to show you this affiliate has been producing 10,000 a month for X amount of months, or this much or this material, etc so they have the criteria for you when you’re doing this on your own. You’re gonna have to wear that hat, right, and almost think of it as an interview, right, what probe Pro, what do they do, where the followers wants their content you’re more than, more than okay to go ahead and ask for numbers. What’s your impressions like what’s your click through rate like what’s your conversion rate like etc so you really want to. It’s all relationship based, so you’re really going to need to meet with these people understand them, what what is the why for them right because a lot of these affiliates, unless you’re talking about the big guys the rebates and the Ebates and stuff like that but if you’re talking about, you know, a guy for us in the retail in the sneaker world, who built a following through a blog, you know this guy is not an organization he’s not a business he’s just a guy who has a passion and so happen to make something out of it. So, you get to get to know them. What is their why what started what drives them now. And it’ll become really apparent and become really really apparent that we had affiliates that we had to pause the relationship because they were using bots to scan our website for a new product. Wow. Exactly, exactly. Now granted, it wasn’t necessarily, um, you know it’s not like they were stealing money or anything of that nature but retail and e commerce specifically bots are a huge problem. And so, if we can identify you from an actual bot, it becomes difficult right. So, things like that are gonna come up but don’t be afraid to be direct to ask to pro to interview, and then define that and you know if you haven’t nice qualifying process, and one of them sneaks in. Then you can address that, you know, and that’s the thing with the third party as well it does help eliminate some of that because if you do run any issue with the publisher, whether it’s on varied you know you haven’t paid out, or they’re doing something unethical you can always go to the third party to help me to get that.

Mark Fidelman  14:41

Okay, that’s interesting and good advice, because I’m sure people that have started out in affiliate marketing didn’t know what they’re doing and joined, you know sites like shareasale and I’m not knocking yourself I’ve had success there have run into some bad experiences and they like affiliate marketing BS. But there really are some professionals some ethical professionals. The balance I find it. What’s your comment on this is you’ve got to incentivize them enough, or you have to have high enough conversions. So, that they continue to work with you, you know, keeping the good ones is hard because they have other options they can go somewhere else and make more money. So, when you talk about strategic vendor relationships and all that. How do you make sure you maintain that with them. And, you know, build a win win scenario for both of vendor and for the affiliate partner,

Jose Quiroz  15:33

you know, the first place that I start is typically with the business owner, with the CEO or the founder or some person in C suite that I’m talking about the strategy, and I give them the perspective of this don’t think of them as affiliates think of them as digital sales people instead of them being in your store, you know, pushing a product there on the, on the web, but pushing product recommendations to their audience. So, if you come in with the mindset of this is a commission based digital sales rep. A lot of your worries and concerns and almost dumb reason to why you should go here. Go away. Right. So, once you kind of keep that in mind that they are digital sales people, then you understand that. Okay. I know what motivates sales people money, and also some like affirmation and you know, things of that nature but money, so you can do different things you can do tiers, right, sales people also like to be competitive. So, if you hit this tier your commission is that 5% you hit this tier become 7% this tier and above 15 right incentivize them for growth. Another thing you can do is you can stay consistently tracking and if there’s any dip or decline within any of your top affiliates reach out to them, hey what’s going on what you don’t want to kind of help you with unique content, do you need to create it, are the links not working, am I just tracking wrong. What’s up, and you’ll start to there and the thing is with them. Unless you’re talking about obviously the big guys. The return me nots in such. Most of these independent affiliates are very transparent, and they’ll tell you when your competitor did this and so that’s why I’m, I’m favoring them, you know your competitors doing that doing this etc so it’s honestly just about having that open communication with them and so you’ll need a dedicated resource to this. And you can just simply probe and ask, etc. And one of the good things too about affiliates as you can really start to get you get to understand your consumer much more when you partner with affiliates because the reason why you’re partnering with them is because they have the attention of the consumer that you’re seeking. And because they have that attention they understand them a little bit more. So, there could be a good synergy synergy there when you’re working with them not only to commission out etc but then to gather product ideas service ideas customer service ideas based on what their audiences say,

Mark Fidelman  17:53

Okay, well, when you say you build a strong relationship you build that when when they understand the consumer and what I find is they probably understand them better than you do. Oil yeah so they’re good. They’re good source for other things that you might want to do in marketing. How do you, then you know kind of take it to the next level, and you’ve got one strong strategic relationship, maybe you have to. How do you know whether to scale or not scale, how do you know how

Jose Quiroz  18:26

do you know how to move forward with that. Sure. So, this again that third party is really where that comes into play because some other third parties, they will give you a strategic planner, and you meet with them monthly or quarterly, and they help you analyze the reports and say based on the reports, I would say you increase the Commission on these, you build a stronger relationship with these people, and you invite these new people to your program so that you say you would be doing the same thing if you’re doing it on your own obviously this now falls onto your shoulders so you’d want to look at the reporting. Identify the KPIs you’re trying to track most likely it’s going to be conversions because again this is the pay for performance so I wouldn’t advise people to look at impressions clicks maybe, but really it’s going to be about the performance aspect of it, and the traffic that’s being driven. So, you look at that, based on that you say Okay. Is there room for me to offer this person more commission or more opportunities, or this person has to have a competitor, because they’re gonna have a competitor, and so does that make sense does that. Does that make sense and kind of work that way as well. So again if you’re going to a third party, you’re going to have to. If you’re going through important third party, they’re going to give you that and you’re going to have a strategic planner is going to help you if you’re not, then you’re going to have to analyze that yourself. And it’s really just let the reporting dictate that I’ve also built relationships with affiliates directly. And so, for example, and I’ll give them a shout out called coupon cause it’s actually a pretty really it’s a really cool affiliate there a coupon site however any purchase any coupon that gets redeemed through them they get a percentage off of it and then that percentage they give some to charity or cause. So I made a really good relationship with with that individual that person was able to share with me other affiliates that do similar or within that realm, which have a similar audience that I could then start engaging with. So, the stronger you build that relationship with them, then they’re going to be able to expose you to Hey here are these other opportunities that that you can do. And then the final thing I would say here and this is something that a lot of people don’t know and don’t take into consideration is, you can find affiliates, who can offer you technology or digital services that you would have to go flat out budget for at one point or another. So, an example is a social media agency. I’ve got partnerships with social media agencies where they’re running prospecting and retargeting ads for us on a pay per performance model, we don’t have a monthly budget we don’t have we have to come out of pocket XML, in order for them to run these ads. They run the ads. Any conversions they drive, we pay out a commission, and we’re happy so that’s another thing with affiliates, it’s not just about the guy with the blog or the or the Twitter account. There’s affiliates in the technology space in the social media space, etc etc so you can start getting into those strategies as well without having an effect with a budget up front.

Mark Fidelman  21:24

Okay, um, finally this is fascinating stuff. Is there any unique affiliates that you’ve worked with that you’re like wow I never would have thought of doing that. That was successful, maybe it’s somebody who just focused on, I don’t know, email or. or. Tick Tock or something like that.

Jose Quiroz  21:44

Yeah, that’s a good question, um, the one that comes to mind is not necessarily something out of the box in a strategy sense. But, so, rebates Ebates all this stuff. These affiliates have been around for a long time right you buy from us, you get cashback and really what’s happening there is that Ebates is getting 15% on any sale that they cut through, they get that 15% they keep seven, they give you the remainder right that’s why the consumer can get cashback or they will they keep 10 and they give you five. And so now you’re getting 5% on cashback. So this this model has been around. I saw a new affiliate, I think is called active junkie. They did that same model, however they did it in the outdoor space strictly outdoor space so backpacks tents camping gear kayaks etc etc. That to me wasn’t necessarily something that was, you know, out of the box, but I thought it was a great way that an affiliate was able to hybrid models and kind of a niche, and do something unique within a niche using already an established model. And what we found there is that we were able then to select the product categories that we wanted to help promote in that channel, or with that affiliate specifically. So, even though we do have mostly Jordan Nike, Adidas etc. We can then some of our training pants and some of our dry fit shirts that you know would be good for hiking, we can then move over here and have a more unique approach to to the campaign, with the support of an affiliate who has.

Mark Fidelman  23:21

Sorry, but that was loud. Wrap it up. No, no, but not at all because I got a few more things I want to say that one of the most fascinating things that I saw affiliate do was they take viral videos in your field on YouTube and they embed them on a web page, and they put advertising all around it. I don’t know if that’s still if they’re still able to do that with the way that Google and Facebook looks at landing pages, but they drove a ton of traffic through those viral videos, and then on the side there. They’d have surveys and they’d have other things that led to their clients, and allow allow them to sell things and to collect information on new prospective customers I thought that was fascinating. So, okay so let’s return to, you know, the other thing, it’s not for me it’s, it is about the affiliates making money, but they make more money if you make your site your landing page whatever you’re driving traffic to more optimized for higher conversion So do you have any recommendations for that.

Jose Quiroz  24:28

Yeah, so you’re 100% right and that goes true for anything, right, your Facebook campaign your email campaign, whatever channel you use to get someone onto your site that site has to be optimized the way I position it for people it’s like if you were running ads in a newspaper or local radio going to Chamber of Commerce etc for everyone to come to your new location in that town, then when they get to that location. It’s not merchandise correctly, it’s not cleaned it’s the associates don’t know what they’re doing. That’s what a bad user experience is like on the web, right if your copies wrong and your features are off and it’s not mobile friendly you just drove someone to an unprepared store. So I 100% agree with you on that. Yes, it’s definitely needed. Here are some tips tips of the industry that you can do in order to kind of get yourself in the right foot, most likely whatever it is that you’re trying to sell online, someone is already selling it. Maybe not exactly the same maybe they have a different process they have a different framework, whatever the case they serve a different audience, whatever the case may be, but most likely there’s already a website out there, a competitor who’s doing that. So look at their product page, right, especially if they’re, if they’re bigger than you right they’re generating more revenue. Look at their product page the services page later and draw inspiration from there, that’s going to be your fundamentals well I should include you know a call to action and opt in and testimonials of client logos and product reviews, start making a list of what’s been featured there. When you do that, do your thing, you know make changes as you see fit for your brand your audience, etc. I wouldn’t go too crazy in a sense of moving things around right and a product page you’re not going to put the buy now point all the way to the bottom, or on the top of the header right, you’re going to kind of keep it in best practices and what the consumer is used to, but once you kind of have that defined, then you can get really creative and clever within the fundamentals of getting the product page or the service page whatever landing page correctly.

Mark Fidelman  26:31

Wow, okay. Yeah, fascinating stuff. Again, and very critical. I want to let everyone know that you save yourself a lot of money by having a highly converting process. And then a follow up I mean if you look at it as a whole funnel, if affiliates are making money because you’re also doing retargeting or you’re doing, or they’re doing retargeting, or if there’s, you know, a kind of email follow up where you’re giving them credit for that sale that can also reduce the cost of working with that affiliate. Well, at this point, is there anything and I know this is all high level, there’s a lot of detail that goes into setting up a successful program. Is there anything else that we didn’t cover that we should have covered.

Jose Quiroz  27:13

Um, no, I, the biggest takeaway for folks I think is. Keep in mind again these guys are digital salespeople, and into paper performance like it’s a very low risk to get into it. If you’re going to do it yourself obviously there’s a lot of management that has to go under and then there’s some technology that you have to keep in mind, tracking etc. But the biggest thing I just want people to take away is that there’s affiliates, doing amazing things, and experimental things and there’s so many different things in this space that you can partner with them, you know, actually I’m going to give you another quick one. We have an artificial intelligence company based out of Australia, who has been doing amazing work with Tommy Hilfiger in Australia, I can tell bad things happen Calvin Klein in Australia as well. They’re doing really great things with retailers on Australia and they’re trying to break into the states. And because they don’t have many clientele in the States, if any, they’re going on an affiliate model, where typically that software would cost you anything from five to 10 grand a month to operate. For us it costs us a X percent commission on a product right so you can speaking on full funnels we’ve had affiliates, who help the abandoned cart funnel and and then they get paid a commission on that we didn’t have the technology resources in house to build it ourselves so we were able to get some of these tech features taken care of by partnering with with affiliates. So, if anything, I just wanted to give give that in the diversity of the affiliates it’s not just about a blogger or a guy who has a Twitter account but there’s big companies out there doing things and they have an affiliate model to them.

Mark Fidelman  28:56

Okay, awesome, thank you so much. Well, we’re gonna wrap things up but we asked two final questions of everybody. The first one being. What is the hottest digital marketing technology that you recommend today.

Jose Quiroz  29:08

Yeah, so that one’s interesting because there’s so many right but this one. Yeah, yeah, the one and it’s this is a very shameless plug over at digital government that we’re a digital experience studio based out of Miami we did amazing work. We’re a boring company versus a child company to antonian parents, which is a global agency Mini Cooper at&t Burger King you name them we will work with them. We have a tool called Digital DNA and digital DNA is a database of about 2 million consumers globally. And we can tap into them, to run kind of a brand health monitor on an organization, and this will help identify likability strategic clarity and tend to recommend uniqueness brand efficiency unaided awareness innovation and this happens, both on and off and offline. So digital DNA is proprietary. But to me, that’s something that I have not seen in the space. I’ve seen folks do surveys, you know, hit a database to a focus group, but the way our platform is set up is completely digital, and we have access to these 2 million consumers and it grows, globally, that we can tap into quickly to to understand it because at the end of the day, the strongest thing in the online space is your communication is your messaging they say content is king. Well that’s because content is the only way you can communicate online, whether it’s video content text content pictures content. So to me that’s that’s the bigger tool because it helps you understand your consumer and that’s gonna save you years of hurt when it comes to trying to figure out who you’re trying to talk to online and what’s the positioning what’s the messaging and all that good stuff.

Mark Fidelman  30:49

Well, I, I love that and I don’t consider that to shameless plug because it’s really unique technology that’s that’s helping people and people should know that you offer something like that so let’s go to final, final question number two, who’s the most influential person in marketing today I know you snuck in three, which is fine if you want to go through those three but they’re all very recognizable names Who do you think they are.

Jose Quiroz  31:14

Yeah reasonably had said that I said I’m really depends on who you’re following right because we’re in this world where people have massive platforms and so if you ask a Tony Robbins Dr. Don’t say Tony Robbins, you ask Gary Vee diehard someone say Gary Vee but to me what at least in my industry and what I’ve heard, either me be compared to or oh you remind me of would be a Gary Vee Simon Sinek in the Tony Robbins. Those are the kind of guys that that stand out to me, especially when digital has an infant, and these guys are really leading the front and convincing folks and businesses that hey, digital is definitely something you should take extremely seriously. Okay.

Mark Fidelman  31:56

Um, yes I I think in those three people I all three of them I fall for different reasons I think Gary is probably the most legitimate marketer, but the other two kind of influence marketing in their own ways. Both Simon and Tony. But with that I really appreciate you being on the show I learned some things with affiliate and I consider myself an expert. Glad to see you kind of reiterate well my thinking and add, add to it. So, you know anyone listening to this that hasn’t done affiliate marketing, even if they have done affiliate marketing. This is going to be valuable to you, and Jose. With that, I want to thank you for being on the show and you know let’s let’s do this again like three six months we’ll come up with another topic that you’re an expert in that I can kind of chime in on and let’s keep educating people on marketing

Jose Quiroz  32:45

yeah yeah hundred percent thank you so much for having me. I do have some offers for your audience. Definitely

Mark Fidelman  32:51

don’t should shout it out and also let them know where they can find you.

Jose Quiroz  32:55

Okay. Yeah, perfect I think they’ll fall perfectly into the offers um you know from understanding your show and your audience I think you have to send to people your rent you have entrepreneurs and these individual CEOs who are really trying to learn digital and take it to the next level and then you have C suite or high level folks from organizations who’ve listened as well, to see what’s going on in the digital world so I wanted to have an offer for both of them so the first one for the solo entrepreneurs solo CEO was either trying to build a brand themselves or just trying to leverage digital for their brand of giving a free guidance call the guidance call is really just to help you understand the world break down some of the vernacular breakdown some of the strategies, and really just show you what this world has to offer and how you want to maneuver in it and what’s the best path for you, be working with me or not. I just feel like that’s missing in the industry as a guide. There’s a lot of cells and a lot of marketing but there’s not very many guides out there so I want to do that for folks. So the best way to go about that is you can check out the website jyqiz.com and hit me on the contact, or you can reach out to me on LinkedIn mosaic you knows or Jose kinos Digital if you look that up. And the last name is qu IR o z, shoot me a message saying, digital guidance and you know what we’ll chat and then we’ll see what’s the best approach to first to have that quick conversation to help guide you in the right direction. And then for the bigger guys that are on here the C suite guys the organizations who are listening into trying to get into. I want to offer the digital DNA tool to you guys so this will be an introductory brand health monitor for the first 10 clients to contact us, we will have some criteria, because that digital coming into like I said we work with some fairly big companies at&t for 15 excetera so we will have some criteria that will that will let you know once you kind of reach out but if you meet the criteria, and you’re within the first 10 organizations to reach out to us, then we’ll do a we utilize the digital DNA global panel to provide a snapshot on where you stand versus your competitors online and offline and again that’s going to help you track your likability give you strategic clarity and tend to recommend uniqueness Brandon efficacy unaided awareness, innovation, all of that good stuff and one of the criteria will be to provide us three competitors, so we can do that competitor analysis for you so you can check that out at digital content id.com slash brand dash health dash monitor so digital comm youtube.com slash brand health monitor and GM yet this show is hot in Spanish so ca Li E and T.

Mark Fidelman  35:32

waterful did so well. Alright, Jose pleasure again check them out. Go, go, go check out that DNA tool, I’m going to as well so

Jose Quiroz  35:43

get out let me know let me know, I’d be more than happy to kind of show you the, the inner workings of is. It’d be amazing I would love to see it.

Mark Fidelman  35:51

All right, Thank you so much,


and thank you everyone.

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