Facebook Vs. YouTube Influencer Marketing

Facebook Vs. YouTube Influencer Marketing

Video marketing is all the rage, and for good reason. Consumers are 4X more likely to buy a product when they see a video about it as opposed to reading the same information. When those videos are from trusted influencers in your niche, that number can jump even higher.

But for videos to work, your target audience have to see them. That means putting your videos on the right platforms and using the right tools to get them in front of the right eyes. While YouTube has long been the SEO video king, Facebook has made a strong comeback as the influencer channel of choice for more purposeful targeting of influencer videos.

Sure, Snapchat and Instagram and a host of other social media platforms might be great for some influencer marketing niches. But Facebook has seen a resurgence of users and of video views, and when it comes to finding the right audiences, the right brands, and the right influencers to reach out to and ally yourself with, there’s no beating Facebook’s targeting tools. Finding your audience and the pages they’re already visiting is easy, and from there it’s easy to reach out and make page owners an offer for sharing your videos–or making their own that features your brand.

On your own page(s), Facebook’s audience tools let you promote more selectively and effectively than any other popular platform. And with facebook Pixel, of course, you can make sure your video is getting seen by people who have already shown an interest in your brand and your site.

It isn’t all roses, of course. Facebook gives you plenty of targeting prowess, but nothing in the way of SEO or improved organic reach. People don’t search for things on Facebook the way they do on Google or YouTube, and Facebook doesn’t provide results the same way, either. Individual posts are barely a blip on Google’s search radar, meaning you get no SEO clout no matter how many videos you post.

Long story short, YouTube definitely still has its place when it comes to video outreach, for influencers and brands alike. For SEO and organic reach, nothing beats it. But for targeting and paid outreach with the ability to drill into the details of your audience demographics, Facebook is the undisputed champion.

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