Drive Epic Exposure And Brand Awareness With Periscope

Drive Epic Exposure And Brand Awareness With Periscope

Visual content is now the marketing money shot. From the massive amounts of image accompanied posts on Facebook and Twitter, to YouTube’s 1 billion plus monthly active users; people want visual content. As this trend continues to explode, the new and innovative social live streaming site, Periscope, emerges with the potential to dramatically shift online marketing.

While live streaming is not a new concept, no platform has become as prominent for streaming methodologies as Periscope has with their vision to “build the closest thing to teleportation” possible. And brands are beginning to recognize the potential of this platform.

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Early adopters of the streaming site like Mountain Dew are able to directly interact with their audience in a fresh and exciting new way that allows consumers to really connect. Even older companies like General Electric are getting in on the game by live streaming behind-the-scenes interviews with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and scientist Bill Nye.

Is Periscope right for you? Let’s take a look at some of the ways that your brand can elevate awareness and recognition and see if Periscope might be your new best digital friend.

Idea #1: Tips, Tricks, and How-To’s

Original content that provides value to a user is the ultimate goal; it will keep them coming back for more time and time again. By leading viewers through how-to videos that demonstrate a skill or provide a new piece of knowledge, your brand becomes quite valuable to the audience at large. With Periscope’s ability to share this kind of info live, viewers can ask questions and interact with a brand right as it is happening so that a serious company-consumer rapport can be developed.

Idea #2: Live Q&A Sessions

Speaking of viewers asking questions directly, Periscope is an amazing portal to hold live Q&A sessions with your audience. Think of this as a beefed up, live version of a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” with more personality. The ability to connect a brand and customers in real-time allows a company to humanize the brand, address pertinent issues, and solve communal problems; among many other advantages. Plus, this gives your brand a great opportunity to really get to the heart of what your audience is seeking by asking them what they would like to see. The feedback that can be gained in this type of forum is truly invaluable.

Idea #3: Special Offers and Contests

Looking for an instant way to drive traffic to your site? The announcement of a contest or limited-time offer through Periscope can do just that. While tweeting out this type of promotion might provide some of the traffic you are looking for, it is not nearly as captivating. Now, if this broadcast is put out through a live stream, the audience will likely be much more receptive as they are far more engaged than on other platforms. This can ultimately provide your company a massive surge in traffic and establish a mob of individuals eager to promote your brand.

Idea #4: New Heights of Endorsement

Absurd levels of engagement can be obtained on Periscope with the use of celebrity “takeovers”. Depending on who your brand is able to acquire for this event, thousands can be drawn to your channel. Another added benefit to this avenue is that the live streaming platform will undoubtedly be cheaper and far more interactive than the traditional commercial spot. The potential for viewership and return on investment are truly impressive.

Idea #5: Sneak Peaks

This is an extraordinarily simple and effective way to generate a great deal of buzz around an upcoming release. The best part? It will leave people interested and wanting more. Videos can be streamed the night before the release so that viewers will be aching to get their hands on your new product. Or a live unboxing or beta testing event could be held to give viewers the glimpse of your product they need to get all riled up and ready to promote your brand on their social media pages.

Free Bonus: Get our One Page Guide To Marketing On Periscope so that you can start using this platform right away! Click here to get the bonus.

This form of live, direct-marketing opportunity can be priceless for businesses. While it is still unclear if this new platform will be the next big thing or just a bright flash of potential, our money rests on the latter, and yours should too. Our advice for the use of Periscope is to become an early adopter while there is still minimal noise and competition to cut through; unlike other social media sites where everyone is competing for a slice of the engagement.

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