Conscious Marketing 101: Selling With Style And Honesty

Conscious Marketing 101: Selling With Style And Honesty

Marketing is an ever-changing, oh-so dynamic world; once you believe you have a little footing, the foundation is often voraciously ripped out from beneath you. Some of us love the highs and lows, and others just fall to pieces. If you’re dedicated to mastering marketing, however, it’s critical to define who you are, and how you aim to craft your seller’s voice.

I recently was lucky enough to sit down with Linda Ballesteros of the Mpower Radio Show. She and I talked about carving out a voice in social media and marketing, and I expounded on my personal marketing perspective – something I call “Conscious Marketing.” You can listen to the compelling conversation in its entirety here.

I have been working in the digital space for over 20 years, spanning roles from Producer to Product Manager and CMO. I’m the VP of Content and Communications for Fanatics Media and I’ve watched this beautiful landscape morph and shift, yet stay the same in some ways too. It’s a joy to share some of the best nuggets of knowledge.

Here are some highlights from the radio discussion:

Question #1: What Changes Have You Seen Occur in the Way Things are Marketed?

“Consumers now have the power to speak the truth about the experience they have with companies, large and small.”

The advent of the internet and social media has given everyone a voice. Because of this, companies can no longer treat customers poorly or the world will find out in a flash. Marketers must now be honest too because, as I said to Linda, “Trust is the currency of the web.”

Question #2: Where Do You See Marketing Going in the Future?

“It’s already starting to happen that marketing is becoming more and more difficult to identify . . . Smart marketing is starting to look like content and information; articles rather than ads.”

As people become increasingly savvy and uninterested in invasive ads, tactics shift towards natural and intelligent ways to weave marketing into the normal consumption of information. But the biggest thing is that brands must supply value to consumers before ever asking them for anything, otherwise, this method will still result in failure.

Question #8: Do You Think that the Consumer Has Had Something to Do with This Shift in Marketing?

“For sure. And the consumer is really who gets to win in all of this, which is as it should be.”

Consumers receive something valuable before they give a company their currency of trust. Companies now have to earn every one of their customers due to the amount of competition in today’s marketplace, and in order for them to earn customers, they must be willing to give before they can ever receive.

Plenty more insights about what exactly “conscious marketing” is, today’s best practices, influencer marketing, and more can be gained by listening to the full conversation. Be sure to up your marketing prowess by soaking up these revealing insights.

And if you need hands-on help, contact us at Fanatics Media today. I’d love to be of service!

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