Amazon Vs. Alibaba Here’s What You Should Know (Infographic)

Amazon Vs. Alibaba Here’s What You Should Know (Infographic)

If you live in the United States, you’d have to be completely unplugged and living a completely isolated life not to have heard of Amazon. But have you heard of Alibaba – its Asian competitor? Alibaba accounts for nearly 12% of all retail sales in China which is a huge number.

That’s according to Ecommerce Platforms Alibaba is giving Amazon a run for its money – here are a few noteworthy statistics:

  • Amazon’s traffic is 2.2 billion visitors a month while Alibaba Group is 867 million
  • Alibaba accounts for 11% of total retail in China while Amazon accounts for only 3% in the USA
  • in 2016, gross merchandise volume for Amazon was $147 billion in 2016 versus 547 billion for Alibaba
  • Amazon has over 341,000 employees while Alibaba has only 50,000

Interestingly, Amazon has a stock market cap of $427 billion, whereas Alibaba is only at $265 billion despite the better revenue figures. Moreover, according to Ecommerce Platforms, Alibaba’s Singles Day, an annual shopping holiday in China, drives $17.49 billion in sales and is by far the biggest online shopping event in the world – dwarfing Cyber Monday and Black Friday in the US.

Personally, I feel Amazon has the better marketing edge, including their influencer marketing platform, but they still have a ways to go. Fortunately, they have thousands of agencies like ours that help market the products on the platform for them – which is free.

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