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AI Will Never Replace Human Beings

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Jamie McCann has No AI experience – so I decided to ask Jamie why he hasn’t used it. His responses will surprise you, but they are similar to how most executives react to AI. While AI won’t replace AI, there are some cases will It replace human beings. Jamie defends human talent while I suggest areas where AI will replace human beings. Who is right?

IN 100 words or less, what is your chatbot or AI Voice app and why?


Where can the audience find out more?

Guest – Talentfoot executive recruiting specialties

 Mark – Explore the Fanatics Media chatbot on Facebook marketing.  https://m.me/fanaticsmedia?ref=w6471331

Bio: I’m a 20+ year veteran executive recruiter in the advertising/marketing niche. This comes on the heels over a decade in Client Services at FCB and Bozell.

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