5 Ways Facebook Messenger Chatbots Can Help Double Your Sales

5 Ways Facebook Messenger Chatbots Can Help Double Your Sales

There has been a rising interest in chatbots over the years. Mainly because of its power to take off the burden from doing the tasks that are time-consuming for a lot of businesses.

The benefits that it provides to respond to your customers quickly allows you to give high-quality service.

Although chatbots have been around for quite a while, they rose in popularity when Facebook introduced them on their Messenger app.

In this post, we will talk about the five ways of how Facebook Messenger chatbots can help you double your sales.

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1. Chatbots act like customer support

These days, a lot of people are getting more and more impatient. For instance, the younger generation wants to do everything online. From shopping, ordering food, and doing banking transactions.

They do not like the idea of sitting on the phone, waiting for someone to address their concerns.

Since most complaints and customer service calls are easy to resolve. That is precisely where chatbots come in. All people need to do is to message a customer service chatbot, and then they will have their answers instantly.

When you give this option to your customers, this lowers the pressure of dealing with customer service and improves consumer satisfaction for your brand.

2. It is a great tool to interact with your audience

A lot of brands and businesses only provide passive customer interaction with their audience. Meaning, they respond but do not reach out.

Chatbots are ideal for “reaching out.” The action can be anything small, like inquiring whether or not the customer needs assistance.

That way, it lets people know that your brand is present and available if necessary. That alone will boost a person’s connection with the brand.

3. It helps you build a strong brand

Utilize your chatbot to communicate to people what your company does, especially those that are already influenced by your brand. That will be an excellent way to capture interest.

When you market yourself in a way that is appealing to your target audience, you are turning people from a cold into a warm audience. As a result, helping them move down into your sales funnel.

There are smart ways for you to be able to do this, and there is no reason that you should not do them all. At the end of the day, it is about knowing what will work best for your brand.

First, give a greeting message to those people who message you. Doing so allows them to know more about your business before they fully engage with the conversation.

Another option is to place a menu on the bottom of your Messenger window. It gives the opportunity for other people to ask questions, learn more about you, and other useful information.

Moreover, you can also integrate brand awareness as an aspect of your bot conversation. When you let people know about a recent event that you have been working on, you are more likely to capture their interest.

4. You can promote new products

It is also possible to promote products and offers directly with your customers via messenger.

Chances are, you already know some of their information like their buying habits and demographics. Therefore, you have already created a line of communication.

Now, it is possible for you to utilize this platform to remind users of the products that they want to check out, as well as the promotions that you have that might interest them.

Just do not be too pushy and annoying with your customers though. Do not spam them with promotions. Instead, give promos and offers that only caters to their interest and purchase history. At most, go for useful and occasional promotions. Just do not go overboard.

Bots aim to please customers. But if you annoy them, not only your relationship with them will be severed, it can leave a bad impression, too. It is crucial that you work with a top PPC company to help you out.

5. It helps you reach a large user base

If you want to grow your current customer base, you need to interact with as many prospects as possible.

That is exactly where chatbots come in. They make it easier for potential customers to transact with you through messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger has approximately 1.3 billion users. Chatbots allow your business to transact with millions of potential customers without having to waste precious resources on downloads.

Over to You

There will come a time that a majority of customer interactions will be fulfilled by a chatbot.

Today, bots are an indispensable tool for brands and businesses in the e-commerce industry. It is because chatbots have a feature to facilitate seamless transactions to a large number of prospective customers.

Launching a quality chatbot will help you deliver services and personalized content to prospects, which will ultimately help you gain revenue in the long run.

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