5 Psychological Hacks To Get Your Marketing Budget Approved

5 Psychological Hacks To Get Your Marketing Budget Approved

If you’re a marketer, you know better than anyone you’ve got to spend money to make money. In order to get any message out to the masses, man (or woman) power needs to be employed, materials developed, tools implemented, and so so forth. If you have a home run marketing strategy, you’re going to need a proper budget to achieve stellar results. Yet convincing a frugal a client or CEO to agree to the necessary capital is often an uphill battle.

In an effort to help you secure the greenbacks needed to succeed, Fanatics Media CEO, Mark Fidelman, shares his top 5 psychological hacks to get your marketing budget approved. Watch as Mark dissects each trick to getting your higher ups to say “yes” in this two minute video.

Clever Ways to Capture Marketing Capital

  1. Ask for a bigger budget

This hack may seem counterintuitive, but often does the trick. By approaching the moneyman with a proposal that is around three times what is actually needed, it will surely get shot down. You can then ask for the actual budget desired and it will seem reasonable in comparison. It is more likely for them to grant your request after denying a much larger one. This is the grand art of negotiation. Do make sure you have a plan in place for both, however, as you don’t want to get caught with your pants down if the big budget shocks you with a green light.

  1. Sit next to the opposition

This one is subtle but effective. If there is someone you expect to be combative on the budget, sit right next to them before the meeting starts. This often times will cause the individual to lose their edge, considering your close proximity. Being across the table give a person the space and comfort needed to flex their muscles. This stance almost asks for a conflict. Don’t let this happen. At the very least a side by side discussion will help to minimize their will to fight.

  1. Write with confidence

Here is something that should be common sense, but is frequently overlooked. When writing or pitching your proposal, don’t let the words “I believe” or “I think” ever pass your lips. This is already implied, but expressing these words displays a lack of confidence. Treat this like a job interview; you’re confident in your proposal and know it is the right plan of action. Let that seep through in the words you use.

  1. Socialize the plan

In most scenarios a team is much stronger in numbers. By socializing the strategy amongst your team, and possibly even the VP or CFO, it is much more feasible to gain approval with group consensus. Mass mentality is a powerful weapon.

  1. Use silence strategically

Anyone who has seen the film remembers this infamous scene from the movie Pulp Fiction; silences make people uncomfortable. Use this awkwardness to your advantage. If you are encountering a great deal of resistance, remain calm and stay somewhat silent. More times than not, the other person will become uneasy, which makes them more willing to break the dead air and give up a key point.

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