3 New Digital Campaigns Every Marketer Should See

3 New Digital Campaigns Every Marketer Should See

What’s the best way on a budget to learn about campaigns that really move the needle? To observe how others are doing it.

Below we show you our three different marketing campaigns, and our thoughts on each.

#1 How this quiz generated 2700 emails and 6200 page views in 72 hrs spending only $150

Evolve! can vouch for the results, essentially campaign ingredients for success are:

The important aspect of the quiz is to ensure that it fits with your company’s target customer profiles (personas) and that the quiz is developed to be fun and engaging.

For a complete break down of the campaign, check out this article on Medium from Andrew Micheals.

#2 Harley Davidson’s Age Of Ultron Survey Campaign Goes Viral

Harley Davidson’s #AgeOfUltron campaign is a great lesson in generating viral awareness with little spend. The cost of giving one person a lesson at their academy and everyone else a sticker is fairly minimal for the number of surveys and contact information they are getting.

This is a sophisticated method to pair brand awareness with a popular theme (Avengers) with sales lead generation. Want to see the early statistics of this campaign? Staggering so far, and something like this can easily be replicated – even for smaller businesses. To see the updated stats, click here: 

#3 Twitter Starts Selling Tickets from Tweets

When Twitter first announced plans to sell stuff in tweets, sports tickets seemed like a logical fit because of the large followings professional teams have on the social network.

Now, the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks are tapping into the potential demand, announcing last week that they’re selling a limited number of tickets to Wednesday’s playoff game against the Brooklyn Nets directly from a tweet. Fans can select ticket quantity and pay with a credit card without leaving Twitter.

What’s significant here is that Twitter is experimenting. If they are able to generate meaningful sales for brands using this feature, expect a broader roll out to companies everywhere. My bet is that they will find a few use cases that work, and they develop the technology further to incorporate payments for any type of approved goods and services. They may even experiment with Bitcoin.

Interested in learning more? 

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