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72 Critical Features for All E-Commerce Websites

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If your e-commerce storefront is struggling then I suggest you review this 72 point checklist from WebAlive.

It’s comprehensive, it’s well thought out, and it will save you hours of work trying to figure it out on your own.

After you build an e-commerce site you realize that there are hundreds of items that need to be checked, cross-checked and tested to ensure that your customers have a quality customer experience. At a high level, let’s take a look at the items that should be included and things to remember when managing your site.

  1. The Header needs to have the most utilized subheaders (1-10)
  2. Everyone expects these items in the footer (18 – 25)
  3. Each Category page should have a consistent look and feel while giving the viewer enough information to look deeper (26 – 30)
  4. The Product page should be consistent, have the most relevant information front and center and reviews should be prominent (31 – 43)
  5. Arguably the most critical part of an e-commerce website, the shopping cart should only have the most relevant information and reduction of clutter should be a focus (48-52)
  6. My favorite part of an e-commerce site is the back-end. This is where the magic happens. Make sure you don’t skimp on this area (55 – 66)

72 features ecommerce checklist infographic

What do you think of the e-commerce site checklist? Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below.


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