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4 Proven Ecommerce Solutions for Enhanced Conversions and Increased ROI

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Stellar ecommerce adviceSales and conversions are the top priority for any business that has a product to sell, however, most ecommerce solutions and strategies aim towards amplifying site visitors and often neglect major aspect to increasing a business’s bottom line; conversion optimization.

Conversion optimization is a critically important, yet highly overlooked, element to making sales. On average, most online stores have a conversion rate of 1–3 percent. In order to elevate this number it is necessary get creative in the way products are sold, tap into the psychology of web users, and improve your product page again and again.

In order to help make 2016 your business’s most profitable year to date, here are 4 genius ecommerce sales hacks.

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Genius New Tool: Spaces

Spaces is an up-and-coming ecommerce platform where organizations establish their own retail “space” without the burden and cost of managing and optimizing a business website. Spaces allows for an unlimited amount of products to be listed for sale and provides businesses with flexibility on the types of products that are sold; physical, digital, subscription-based services, etc. Spaces sells it all.

Since this ecommerce site is so simple to use, landing pages and digital storefronts can be generated in minutes, allowing you to focus on optimizing for conversions. Additionally, Spaces provides a reasonable pricing structure; getting started and the first $50 made each month is totally free. After that is just $9 per month plus a 3% transaction fee. And considering that Spaces accepts credit cards, Bitcoin, and pretty much everything in between, retailers can find great value in this ecommerce offering.

Make the Most of Images

Imagery has become a vital part to increasing traffic, engagement, and much more; ecommerce is no different. It is necessary to deploy high-quality images for any product that are sold as this will help to boost sales, if they are utilized correctly.

Think about it: when was the last time you bought a product that had poor quality images or none at all? For images to have the impact you want, they must show the product clearly along with any defining features. Figure out the main reasons why people would want to buy your product and highlight those aspects of the merchandise. Optimizing this small element to your product page can move mountains.

The Value of Video

Video is currently taking over the web and is poised to become even more important than static images over the next few years. YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world, and crowdfunding campaigns that utilize video generate 4 times more donations than their video-less counterparts. It is predicted that video will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2019. Video is crazy important.

To maximize your video’s potential you will want to abide by the following best practices:

  • Include a written transcript below the video. Many will not want to watch your video but will still want to know its contents. Plus, this adds to the video’s SEO value.


  • Use your video like you would images; display the product clearly, provide a 360 degree view, and highlight the problems it will solve.


  • A/B test your video to ensure that it is providing maximized sales.


Recapture Those Who Didn’t Convert

Recapturing those who abandon their carts before making the purchase official is not only possible but highly lucrative. According to Business Insider, approximately 63% of abandoned transactions are recoverable by retailers. There are several ways this can be accomplished.

The first avenue is to send out emails to those whose addresses have already been collected. This is a tactic that Amazon.com utilizes and shows a 40% open rate along with a 20% click-through rate. If you are capable of getting a potential customer back on your product page, they will likely convert.

The second option would be through retargeting, or remarketing. These PPC or Facebook ads will display advertisements to previous visitors to the site and will follow them across the web. This is a fantastic tool for remaining top-of-mind with those who did not convert and ultimately persuade them to come back and make a purchase.

There are tons of innovative ways to succeed with conversion optimization. It simply takes a bit of creative thinking and a little elbow grease to achieve the desired effect.

Need help getting your product page and overall sales up to snuff? Contact us and we will show you how to optimize for massive amounts for sales.

Call us at 760-262-4252 or send an email to info@fanaticsmedia.com.




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