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25 September How to Create 1 Year of Marketing in 5 Days!

Mark Fidelman  00:18 Hello, everyone, welcome to the digital brand builder podcast. Joining me today is Elizabeth pantalone. And we’re going to talk about something I haven’t even heard of, I don’t know how this is possible, we’re going to find out how it’s possible. But we’re going to talk about how to create one […]

15 September How to Create a High Performing Affiliate Marketing Program

SPEAKERS Jose Quiroz, Mark Fidelman Jose Quiroz  00:00 tgw partnerships in their Best Buy’s, some of the affiliate partnerships our strategic partnerships, you know, Mark Fidelman  00:05 okay, that’s fine. Why don’t we do that and you pronounce your name, Jose Queiroz, you don’t get a rose. Okay, you’re gonna force me to provide my […]

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