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27 April 5 Things that Make Entrepreneurs Succeed with Chris Brogan

Nearly everyone on the planet wants to work in a job where they set their own hours, take on the tasks they want to do, and have complete control over the money they make. For many, this sounds like an idealistic fantasy that is simply unattainable. For others, this is called entrepreneurship. Becoming an entrepreneur […]

26 April Is Snapchat a Marketing Winner or Loser?

Snapchat is a rabble-rouser. People are insanely opinionated about this bold new social player. In just a few short years, the channel has accrued more than 100 million daily active users with reports of its monthly active users nearing the 200 million mark. Additionally, Snapchat’s video traffic rivals that of Facebook, reaching 8 billion daily […]

25 April The Top Ten DON’Ts for Amazon Sellers

  Amazon has been around for awhile, and pretty much anyone who’s anyone in the ecommerce world has had plenty of experience with the platform. That means there’s plenty of advice out there on what you should be doing—look for a list of best practices for Amazon sellers, and you can spend days sorting through […]

15 April 5 Psychological Hacks to Get Your Marketing Budget Approved

If you’re a marketer, you know better than anyone you’ve got to spend money to make money. In order to get any message out to the masses, man (or woman) power needs to be employed, materials developed, tools implemented, and so so forth. If you have a home run marketing strategy, you’re going to need […]

13 April Becoming an Amazon Seller: A Guide for First Timers

Amazon is one of the single most powerful and authoritative ecommerce platforms on the planet. Entrepreneurs can literally make millions just by learning to leverage the digital storefront correctly and efficiently. Yet winning the ecommerce game is anything but easy. If you want to make this your core business, it takes loads of education and […]

12 April The Most Powerful Instagram Marketing Hack

Marketing on Instagram is a must for many brands these days. Instagram boasts more than 400 million users, stellar engagement stats, and can score you major authority and authenticity points with the younger generations, who dominate the platform. With new and improved ad features hitting the platform just a few months ago, advertisers from all […]

11 April Jet.com: Helping Online Retailers Soar or Holding them on the Tarmac?

Jet.com has landed, and it’s had a jumbo-sized impact on online retail…or at least so the company would have you believe. They’ve barely been around for a year, but this hopeful Amazon competitor—founded by a serial entrepreneur whose last venture was bought by the Bezos behemoth for half a billion dollars—has major investor backing, big […]

01 April The Single Best Web Page Hack for Increased Sales

Sales are the most important metrics of nearly every company. Sales are your revenues, your life blood, your vital flow. Consistent sales begin and end with great lead generation. If you’re not good at converting traffic into actual interested customers, you’ll never get them down the sales funnel. So this is a great area to […]

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