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25 November Increase Brand Awareness on Facebook without Spending a Dime

Facebook boosts more users than any other website on the internet (with the exception of Google, of course); more than 1.55 billion users and growing. With more than 1/7th of the entire global population obsessing over their Facebook  feeds, the social network can be a marketing goldmine for any business, if leveraged correctly. The main […]

24 November Tips on How to Build a Killer Brand

Branding is everything for your company; it is your logo, your style, your personality, your message. Your brand is what your company stands for; it sets the tone for everything you do in product and marketing. Branding is the way you distinguish yourselves from competitors. For these reasons and more, it is endlessly momentous to […]

17 November How to Raise Big Money for Your Kickstarter Campaign

Crowdfunding is the one of the newest waves of gaining investors and capital for a product or business; the power to go from zero to launch is staggering. The most famous of these cash harvesting platforms is Kickstarter. In 2014, $529 million dollars was pledged to successfully fund 22,252 projects, however, not all campaigns receive […]

16 November The Top 6 Marketers on Blab You Need to Watch

As we recently reported on Periscope, visual content is a goldmine and there is no better way to engage an audience than to put them right in the middle of the action. With sites like Meerkat and Periscope exploding in popularity almost overnight, it comes as no surprise that more platforms are looking to cash […]

12 November How Red Bull Built a YouTube Channel With A Billion Views

Few modern brands have done a better job of building a brand that delivers results than  Red Bull. The Austrian-based energy drink maker is all about living life on the edge — or at least aspiring to do so as you indulge in a taurine-fueled fantasy one can at a time. Red Bull is far […]

10 November Master Periscope and Meerkat Live Streaming (How To Tips)

Live streaming video services are one of the hottest new marketing trends. With platforms such as Periscope, Blab, and Meerkat dominating headlines, marketers are flocking to these spaces to leverage the benefits of intimate audience engagement and authentic brand portrayal. But while the platforms may be drawing bigger and bigger audiences, not all streamers are […]

05 November The Startup’s Guide to Influencer Marketing

Thanks to social media, influencer marketing has become a juggernaut for increasing leads, brand awareness, sales, and just about any other business goal you can think of. PeerIndex CEO, Azeem Azhar states that, “Influence marketing is going to be huge – and will become an essential part of the marketing mix over the coming years.  […]

03 November How to Create an Unforgettably Powerful Personal Brand

by Tina Courtney Thanks to the irrepressible popularity of social media, the lines between personal and professional branding have been almost completely erased. Today, it is essential for any business person to have an established personal brand; personal branding helps to authenticate an individual as a thought-leader, expand their reach, and contribute to their revenue […]

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