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Why It’s So Much Harder To Get Your Customers’ Attention

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If you’re like me, you’re inundated with text alerts, Facebook posts, blog posts, YouTube Videos and the Instagram feed. As a marketer, I understand how difficult it is to break through the noise when you’re competing with Kim Kardashian and cute cat videos.

But you simply must break through the noise to put your product in front of your audience and maintain your customers’ attention. This isn’t a nice to have, this is a must-have. There is no build it and they will come, it’s always engineered even when it appears that it isn’t.

Who has the most attention online? Influencers. Plain and simple. There is no better way to break through the noise than with a relevant team of influencers. I created a video to show you how to find influencers here.

Below is a must study infographic from LookBookHQ:

influencers help break through the noise

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