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How to Use Artificial Intelligence bots and Influencers to Drive Sales

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When Lending Times asked Crafty.ai to help them develop a lead generation program that automated the process of connecting with influencers, they had no idea how successful it would be or that they would be using an artificial intelligence bot to do it.

Lending Times leveraged Crafty AI to automate the process of understanding the lending industry and intelligently engage the influencers without human intervention.

Yes, a bot did most of the work, and the payoff was big. How big? Matt gets into specifics in the video, but the high-level outcomes are listed below:

  1. Engaged with thousands of influencers without having to take any time to craft a response that engages the influencer.
  2. Increased traffic to a specific page of their industry news blog which is hyper-pertinent to the influencers’ interests.

Matt told me they are only scratching the surface of bots and influencers, but it’s a great start.

If you want us to create a bot that drives revenue for you, click here and choose Get Started

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