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17 March 7 Things You Need to Know for the Year of Online Video

  Just in case you’ve missed all of the ongoing coverage, we thought we’d let you know: online video is here in a big way, and it’s not going away. In fact, the number of videos being published and viewed online is growing every day, with newer services like Periscope and Meerkat seeing millions of […]

15 March 4 of the Latest Marketing Tools to Help Your Brand Get Noticed

They say that Rome wasn’t built in a day. It wasn’t built without using a few genius tools either. In order to construct something that is strong and meaningful, you have to employ the right tools for the job. When it comes to marketing, building a brand is getting harder and harder. The digital space […]

14 March The Trick to Getting Responses to Your Emails

  The business world runs on emails. Need to set a meeting? Send an email. Checking in on a current project? Send an email. Trying to get noticed by potential prospects? Send an email. When reaching out to influencers, PR professionals, and prospects, you are likely to spend a good chunk of time crafting and […]

10 March The Future of Video in Social Media

  The future of human connectivity is currently undergoing a massive transformation and re-imagining; some fear that people are becoming less connected and empathetic towards one another amidst this shift. In a 2014 Pew Research survey of more than 2,500 technology experts, predictions were made about where humanity will stand by 2025. Bob Briscoe, former […]

07 March How to Find the Best influencers for Your Marketing Campaigns

  Influencer marketing is a beast for amplifying promotion, awareness, sales, and so much more if it is used correctly. In order for influencer marketing to permeate an audience and engage social followings, the right influencers have to be in place; this is the core piece that trips up most companies. Who is right for […]

02 March Marketing Hacks: Acquire Hundreds of Honest Product Reviews Fast

More than half of online all consumers research product reviews before making a purchase. With more than 1.5 billion people connected to the internet, your honest business reviews can literally make or break your business. Most people won’t even consider buying a product unless there are enough four and five star reviews to back it […]

29 February How Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders Can Stand Out as Thought Leaders

The world is brimming with individuals who want to be visionaries or thought-leaders. Through the power of social media, content creation, and other digital means of permeation, that goal is unquestionably attainable. It is not easy, however, and requires heaps of dedication, hard work, and critical thinking. The internet is a noisy place that grows […]

17 February Rise Above the Noise with these Genius Branding Tips

Social media grants every business the chance to be a rock star; to realize those grandiose dreams of insane success, capped by legions of fans. Since the digital landscape is so ubiquitous, however, the competition is fierce. Thanks to advances in technology and the immense power of social platforms, there are more brands in existence […]

15 February How to Build a Viral Digital Marketing Campaign

Going viral; it’s the fantasy of every last brand and marketer. If a single element of a marketing campaign can manage to reach this elusive and coveted status, thousands upon thousands (or even millions!) of people can be introduced to a message that sends a brand through the stratosphere. One video, one tweet, one article […]

10 February Advocate Marketing: What it is and Why You Need It

Most consumers today don’t trust marketing ploys and do not take a brand’s word at face value. People are tuning out advertisements at an unprecedented rate, leaving marketers to find new avenues to build awareness around products, services, and companies. Nowadays, when individuals find themselves interested in making a purchase, they take to the web […]

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